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Styles of Gothic Jewelry

Gothic jewelry has been popular throughout the centuries and it is in vogue today. Many people mistakenly believe that the Gothic style in jewelry is something completely new, something that appeared recently. In fact, jewelry in the Gothic style appeared in the Middle Ages. So what is the essence of the Gothic style and what exactly can be called Gothic ornaments?

Features of Gothic jewelry

The range of Gothic style jewelry includes massive gothic rings in the form of skulls, animal heads, fangs; large heavy necklaces with crosses; earrings and bracelets decorated with spikes, swords and much more. Most of these ornaments emphasize the brutality and cruelty of its owner, but along with that, there are also jewelry pieces that have a romantic nature.

Most often, gothic jewelry is made of white gold, silver, and platinum, that is, so-called white metals. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the light tint of these precious metals favorably emphasizes the darkness and heaviness of black stones encrusted in Gothic jewelry. Often, in conjunction with silver and gold jewelers use onyx gemstone as well as some other precious stones and crystals to add brightness to the embellishment. Besides onyx, you can often see rubies and emeralds in gothic jewelry. Just like in the Middle Ages, both pieces and gems are often massive and even provocative.

The main styles in gothic jewelry

It is worth mentioning that there are several styles of Gothic jewelry, which sometimes contradict each other. Victorian goth, Romantic, Renaissance, Antiquity – these styles have a lot in common and they resemble the medieval jewelry the most. The products made in these styles are beautiful, eye-catching, elegant, feminine, and feature refined ornaments. Most often such jewelry is created by hand with the use of white pearls as well as lace patterns. Ornaments in this style are common for women and they reveal a romantic side of their owner.

Androgyne Goth ornaments are typical representatives of Gothic style jewelry. These items are suitable for both men and women (unisex). The assortment of androgyne gothic jewelry includes massive pendants, collars made of chains and thorns; bandages, large rings, etc. Each piece of jewelry is complemented with "classic" Gothic symbols.

Fetish Goth is represented by pieces with fetish bias: collars, handcuffs, bandages, and chains. Most often such jewelry is made of inexpensive precious metals (silver), non-precious metals, and synthetic materials. In this style, it is customary to use traditional black or vice versa bright, eye-catching jewelry.

There is a myth that fetish is solely associated with sex. If you look in a dictionary, fetish means witchcraft. The first products made in fetish style had nothing to do with sex at all. These items symbolized certain attributes of supernatural forces and other worlds and their purpose was to show a person's belonging to a certain religious cult.

Vampire Goth. This style has a clear focus and is associated with the dark side of life, death, and the afterlife. Most often jewelry of this type is created of silver and features images of cobwebs, bats, and other attributes of vampire existence.

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