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Skull Jewelry: Must Have for the 2019 Season

Jewelry with bones, skulls, and skeletons has long been on-trend and fashionable. Nowadays, any fashionista should have at least one item with a skull whether it is a skeleton pendant, ring with an ornament in the form of bones, or skull earrings. Skull and bones jewelry is a must have for the new season.

Modern fashion jewelry is bristling with various gothic themes. You can see skulls depicted on rings, earrings, bracelets, as well as bones that embellish necklaces or belt buckles. For several seasons in a row, the most famous jewelry designers have been introducing different elements resembling skulls, bones, crosses, and skeletons in their collections. Moreover, ornaments supplemented with skulls are made of stones, crystals, or metals treated with enamel, embossing or blackening.

At first, many people rejected the idea of wearing skull pendants or skeleton rings but over the course of time skull jewelry has raised on a fashion pedestal.

People have been wearing accessories with skulls since time immemorial. Skulls placed on military uniforms were to frighten the opponent and reduce the morale of the enemy. Additionally, a skull implied that a warrior has no fear to die and was ready to fight to the death. Such ornaments began to be associated with courage and fearlessness. It is still a popular motif in the biker culture that preserved its original significance. On the other hand, fashionistas have ceased to confer any symbolism on the skulls. Today, fashionable skull jewelry is the trend of the season.

On-Trend Jewelry

Although skull ornaments are impregnated with mystical, pirate, and magic symbolism, today they are just stylish and trendy accessories. Skull jewelry is commanding; it always carries a spirit of revolution and rebellion against the system. Such items are madly popular among young people and fashion gurus who follow the latest trends and boldly experiment with their style.

Skeleton rings, skull necklaces, death’s head earrings, bone pendants, etc. - the variety of thematic jewelry is huge. Plus, skull and bones signs are multifaceted symbols. On the one hand, skulls signify mortality, but on the other hand, it is a symbol of rebirth. A skull bracelet can frighten and at the same time give hope for salvation in religious meaning. Thanks to such significance, skull jewelry has been worn by various cult followers, military leaders, innovators, and even scientists.

Skulls are Jewelry Symbols of 2019

Today, a pendant with a death’s head or a skull ring can be seen on a badass biker, well-known politician, businessman, or actor. Many men opt for skull ornaments believing that they are extremely masculine and have nothing to do with women's trinkets. However, it does not mean that ladies can’t complement their look with a skull ornament. In fact, under the influence of the latest fashion trends, the jewelry industry supplies pieces with a unisex vibe.

Today, skulls are not just a manifest of fearlessness, intrepidity, and strength; they are rather a tribute to fashion and an indicator of a person who rocks trendy stuff.

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  • Gone are the days when skull jewelry are perceived to be worn by cultists and mystic individuals, today they are worn by all and sundry without strings attached. I already have my skull pendant ready to move into 2019.

    Francisca Seth
  • Is the leather bracelet with the skulls on it part of your collection? I would be very interested in buying one of those.

    Brian Jameson

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