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How to Rock Men’s Rings

Men's jewelry and accessories can complement your wardrobe and image in general regardless of the situation. Rings are traditionally the most popular choice. Signet rings are best suited for creating a tough guy image. Male models feature sharp, sometimes deliberately coarse forms, concise design and a minimum of decorations. A signet or a ring will not only add masculinity but also they will complement your look and allow perceiving your image holistically.

Men's signets and rings. Past and present

A signet, or a seal ring, is a heavy massive ring with a square or round platform. On a flat surface of the platform, there were placed engravings, relief images, and patterns featuring heraldry, initials, heads of beasts, etc. They were often decorated with stones, the most popular of which are rubies, sapphires, agates, and carnelians.

Similar accessories appeared at the time of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Chinese. During this period, signets were worn by priests who used them as a seal. With their help, priests sealed various messages, letters, and documents. The oracles of Egypt and Greece wore rings as a pendant while the Chinese priests wore signet on their fingers. The Middle Ages broadened the circle of people who had such accessories: churchmen, monarchs, nobles, members of occult societies, etc.

Today, signets and rings are a common element of the masculine style. Expensive handmade products remain a symbol of the status in society while massive silverware with ultra-modern design will complement your image of the bad guy.

Men's silver rings. How to choose

A ring should not only match your wardrobe but it also must be your eye candy. There are no clear instructions on how to pick men’s rings but we suggest a few tips:

  • An accessory should be in harmony with your image. It is better if your first signet is discreet and without fancy patterns. Strict geometry is ideal for business suits, tailcoats and for casual wardrobe;
  • Do you want to add a little zest to your style? Pay attention to the rings with a large gem. It is also an excellent option for those who believe in the horoscope. Don’t forget that in this case, you need to harmonize such a ring with your wardrobe;
  • The size of a male ring should coincide with the circumference of a finger. It does not matter what material a ring is made of, but if it hangs loosely on a finger it looks bad. A ring that cuts into a finger also spoils the appearance of a hand.

How to wear a silver ring

From ancient times the priests and the nobility wore rings on the pinky finger of the left hand. In the Middle Ages, the nobles had rings virtually on all the fingers of both hands. It was considered fashionable. French etiquette prescribed to wear a signet on the ring finger of the left hand while other types of rings could be worn on a little and middle finger of the right hand.

In other countries, there were different rules. Be that as it may, modern men's fashion is less conservative than it was in the past although it is not considered to be a great idea to wear more than 3-4 rings on both hands. A platform and a gem of a signet can be demonstrated outwardly or you can turn them inside. Now everyone decides how to wear jewelry on his own. If you are going to have a ring on the same hand where you are wearing a watch, then try to pick these accessories in the same style or at least uniform color.

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