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How to Rock Different Styles of Men's Bracelets

Elements of a man’s style must be cohesive. If the clothes are a cake, then jewelry is like an icing on the cake. Although many men refuse to wear ornaments there are many stylish accessories. Bracelets are one of the options. Fierce, cool-looking or relaxed, bracelets are jewelry that every man can rock without feeling uncomfortable. This accessory is available in multiple styles. They can be worn every day or for a specific event. They provide the easiest way to stand out. We will show you the coolest men's bracelets and tell how to wear them.

How to Wear Men's Bracelets

Bracelets must fit into your personal style. They shouldn’t be over the top for you. Rocking a bracelet should be in the effortless manner, so choose the one that you will be wearing regularly and that you can combine with your wardrobe. It makes sense to invest in quality made bracelets if you are going to wear them every day.

It seems obvious, but do not forget that a bracelet must match your image. A beaded bracelet is a great way to animate your everyday life, but it is not the best idea to sport it with business or other formal clothes. For such suits, it is better to choose classic jewelry made of gold or silver.

Badass Men’s Bracelets


They are great for everyday wear. If you pick them right, they look cool and stylish. It is better to choose leather of dark, deep shades. Black, dark brown, deep burgundy and emerald look best. The most versatile ones are thin leather bracelets, they can be a perfect match for your watch.

Leather bracelets look great on their own, but they can also be combined with others, for example, with beaded bracelets. The best everyday ensemble is jeans with a T-shirt, and a leather bracelet will become an ideal addition to it.


Gold is best suited to darker skin tones. It perfectly fits traditional colors in clothes. For a man who prefers a dark blue color, gold is the best choice. Gold is suitable for events with a dress code, for formal and semi-formal events. Bear in mind that a gold bracelet should be rather thin and simple. When wearing such an accessory you should not attract unnecessary attention to your wrist.

The design ought to be balanced, rather simple and of good quality. Genuine gold is an excellent investment if you want to purchase an ornament that will be worn for a long time. A classic narrow golden bracelet is simple and tasteful. And most importantly, such accessory will never go out of fashion.


For most men, silver is the best material for bracelets. Why is silver so popular? It suits skin of various tones and can be combined with everyday and formal clothing. For everyday wear, silver looks simple enough and it excellently complements a relaxed look.

With more elegant outfits, silver can emphasize your appearance; it looks great with both dark and light shades of clothes. Silver bracelets perfectly match with office suits.

Extravagant silver bracelets can become a highlight in your look. For example, gothic, rocker and biker skull bracelets will make your image bold, intriguing and captivating.

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