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How to Pick Up a Biker Buckle: a Brief Guide

Men's wardrobe doesn’t have many items able to emphasize the originality and style of their owner. One of the things that allow men to express themselves is a belt. The choice of such an accessory should be approached very carefully and seriously. Of course, a belt ought to be quality-made and attractive. However, the right choice of a belt is only half the battle. You also need to pick up an on-spot buckle.


Today a buckle can be bought as a bundle with a belt and separately. There are many eye-catching and exclusive models of buckles, which will be appreciated by fashionistas and style gurus. Such a buckle is guaranteed to add a touch of uniqueness and originality to your image. Through an item with a one of a kind design, you can express your individuality and personal style, belonging to a particular profession or subculture, etc.

If you prefer a classy style, then a simple buckle with a regular shape and without excessive details is a must. In this case, minimalism will be just right.

If you want to change buckles to your belt depending on the occasion or your mood, you need to select a belt with a detachable buckle. Otherwise, you will not be able to switch a buckle.


Buckles can be made from a variety of materials. A price of a buckle largely depends on this material and its quality. Here are the most common materials: steel; brass; copper; plastic; liquid glass; bronze; silver; gold.

There is no clear advice on how to pick a buckle depending on the material. Everything is up to you and your taste, style, and how much you are willing to pay for it. Belt buckles made of precious metals are much rarer. They are decorated with stones or a complex elegant pattern. Usually, they are bought by connoisseurs of jewelry art or as an exclusive gift.

Types of Buckles

Depending on motifs depicted on men’s buckles, they can be divided into the following categories:

A buckle for biker – featuring images of Valhalla, pentagrams, motorcycles;

skulls - all kinds of skull images (including skulls with stars, pentagrams, roses, etc.);

ethnic - with Indian chiefs, Chinese dragons, various ancient symbols;

auto - with all kinds of car models, logos of famous brands;

Celtics - featuring Celtic symbols and patterns (for example, with the image of Thor's hammer, the Celtic cross);

music - related to rock and roll, guitars, drum sets, country music, famous bands and musicians;

animals – including images of bats, octopuses, wolves, bulldogs, lions, horses, snakes and others;

weapons - with brass knuckles, liners, knight heads, pistols, revolvers, handcuffs;

flags – all sorts of images with flags of different countries or local symbols;

Western - with a buffalo skull, badger, inlaid with turquoise or onyx.

Closure type

The most widespread buckle is so-called frame buckle. This item has a simple square frame with a prong attached to one end of the frame. The size of the belt is fixed by threading the prong into the hole on the belt. A variation of this type is O-style or D-style buckle that features a more rounded frame.

A clasp of a Plate belt buckle features 3 hooks, 2 of which are located on one end of a belt, and the third one is on the opposite side.

A belt with a snap buckle is attached to the buckle on one end while the other end is put through a catch that secures it and allows adjusting. A belt with such a bucket doesn’t require holes.

One more buckle that doesn’t use holes for adjusting is a webbing buckle. Such an item features a loop through which you put the tip of a belt and pull it.

If you are looking for a removable belt buckle made of silver, Bikerringshop is here to help. Here you will find a large selection of knockout biker buckles with popular motifs including skulls, crosses, motorcycles, etc.

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