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Everything You Need to Know about Gothic Jewelry

Gothic style in the jewelry is based on the medieval culture with its philosophical and religious heritage. In its modern form, this style became popular under the influence of gothic rock, an alternative subgenre of rock that developed in the 1970s. The pioneers in gothic music are Joy Division and Banshee. Gothic rock is characterized by darkness, introspection, and romanticism. Accordingly, the design of Gothic ornaments depends on this worldview.

A typical gothic fashion includes pale skin, outlined eyes, dark clothes, black hair and nail polish, as well as red or dark lips. The colors that Goths often choose are maroon, electric blue, purple and dark green. Lace and velvet are popular fabrics when it comes to gothic style in clothing.

The Inspiration for the Gothic Style

In the modern world, the Gothic style draws inspiration for the most part from the dark side of life associated with death, the skulls and gloomy attributes of vampirism.

However, the Gothic style is not only death and darkness, it is also progressive romanticism. It is especially can be seen in the 18th-century art and literary movement focused on strong emotions. Gothic literature includes the poetry of William Wordsworth, Byron, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Everyone is familiar with such gothic novels as Frankenstein and Dracula. It is Bram Stoker who is, so to speak, the ideological inspirer of the modern Gothic style with vampires and other attributes of the otherworldly.

The gothic style combines medieval romance and horror, using such motifs as bats, skulls, roses, swords, shields, crosses, crowns, and stained-glass elements. In fact, the motifs of roses can often be seen in gothic jewelry. They are carved out of precious stones, or crafted of enamel or metals. Normally, roses are made black or red. Also, the jewelry in Gothic style includes heavy chains with large pendants, belt buckles, rings, and agrafes.

skull bone gothic ring

Gothic Ornaments

Today, people are mostly unaware of the magical properties of precious stones, but in the Gothic style, the symbolism of gems was of great importance. Pendants and agrafes were often decorated with large gems and enamels. Also, pearls were very popular in the Victorian style of jewelry. The contrast of white pearls with black laces looked always luxurious.

The revived Gothic at the end of the 20th century is identified with skulls, bats, scarab beetles, spiders, and vampires. Mixing the medieval Gothic culture and modern trends, the designers created a new style with a rich and diverse palette of Gothic jewelry.

Particular preference in modern Gothic is given to white gold, silver, and platinum. Precious white metals create a contrast with the gloominess and heaviness of gems, among which the most common are rubies and emeralds.

In gothic jewelry, luxury is combined with gloomy skulls framed by large gems, which creates a sense of mysticism and mystery. The same as in medieval jewelry, a piece of jewelry is often made bold and massive.

Jewelry in the Gothic style, for the most part, requires a corresponding style of clothing, hairstyles, make-up and even nail polish. There are ornaments that allow for freer choice in outfits, so when buying gothic jewelry, you should think in advance of your entire image.


Gothic style in jewelry with its medieval art traditions will always be popular because the craving for mystery is ineradicable in people. And when you want to complement your image with gothic ornaments you will always find a robust selection of silver rings, pendants and necklaces in the Biker Ring Shop.

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