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A Brief Guide to How to Pick a Necklace

The look of a man consists of multiple elements and each of them is equally important. Without any of them – a haircut, wardrobe, accessories, jewelry - people around you will have a feeling that something is lacking. Of course, there is a foundation of your look and it is your clothes, shoes, and a hat. Other elements add some zest and emphasize certain traits of your character or appearance. The most commonly these elements are ornaments such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. Today we are going to talk about men’s necklaces and give some tips on how to pick one.

How to choose a necklace

Almost every man has ever worn a necklace. The choice of this accessory is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Ideally, the appearance of a product and how it suits must please its owner. A necklace should not bring dissonance into your image. Let's take a closer look at some nuances you ought to consider when picking a silver necklace:

  1. A necklace must fit with your wardrobe and be cohesive with other ornaments and accessories. If you are a buff of leather clothes that are generously decorated with studs and spikes then a thick gold chain will not be in harmony with your image. Instead, a silver skull necklace will perfectly suit your style;
  2. The thickness of a model should be selected based on the constitution of your body. Thick chains are a good fit for people with athletic body type and men with a large physique. If you are a tall and lean man you should opt for fine and delicate items.
    A Tip. The shorter the chain, the better it is seem. If you choose a shorter item, you can sport your necklace and boast how it blends into your style.
  3. The length of the model depends on your body type as well as your preferences. Chains of 60-75 centimeters in length will ideally fit brawny bullnecked men. For compact individuals it is best to opt for jewelry no longer than 50 centimeters.
  4. If you prefer t-shirts or unbuttoned shirts you can wear medium-length models or two necklaces at the same time: a short thicker item and a thin long one;
  5. Weaving is also important. Not only does it identify a beauty of a piece but also determine how easy it is to repair a necklace if you break it. For men, it is best to choose chains with large links such as Bismarck, armor, anchor, and Python. A set of a bracelet and chain made with the same weave is a win-win option.

Biker Necklaces By Biker Ring Shop

Every one of us is a unique individual. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the choice of accessories individually. It's great if you can afford several necklaces - one for special occasions and some pieces for everyday wear. With our products, you can be sure to have all eyes on you. Not only do our biker style necklaces look jaw-dropping but also they are very durable and made of genuine 925 sterling silver.

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