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The Most Popular Designs of Biker Earrings from Bikerringshop

There is one thing that unites bikers and beautiful ladies - both love jewelry and the more jewelry they have the better. Rings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces occupy a prominent place in the wardrobe of any passionate motorcyclist. At the same time, not every man is ready to pierce his ears for jewelry, although today you will not surprise anyone with a guy flaunting earrings. If you are not scared to sacrifice the integrity of your ears for the sake of a cool accessory, then here, in Bikerringshop, you can easily find a pair of striking biker earrings.

Are earrings suitable for men?

In the minds of many people, the fact that earrings are for women has become firmly settled. If you also think so, you will be surprised. It turns out that these are men who invented earrings and began to wear them. The fashion for ear jewelry had been in existence until the Middle Ages when the church banned piercing, arguing that a pious Christian cannot defile his body. Devout Christians stopped wearing earrings indeed, but those who considered themselves to be the dregs of society did not obey. For pirates, thieves, and gypsy, the ban became one more reason to pierce the ear.

So, over time, earrings gained the meaning of disobedience. However, initially, their significance was to show how brave and masculine a man is. For example, sailors had a tradition of pricking their ears after they successfully reached the Cape of Good Hope and returned home safe and sound.

Thus, men's earrings became a symbol of courage, masculinity, and disobedience. And what kind of men have such traits? That's right, bikers. They basically revived the fashion for wearing men's earrings in the 20th century. Their example was followed by other subculture followers - punks, rockers, Goths, etc. Now, you won’t shock anyone with an eye-catching item in a man's ear, and we have to thank the guys on the motorcycles for that.

The difference between men's and women's earrings

At first glance, men's earrings do not differ much from women's ones, especially if we look at simple designs such as studs or smooth hoops. At the same time, if you take men's and women's earrings with a similar design and put them together, you will immediately notice the difference. Items for men will be larger, thicker, and feature no fancy emblazing.

So, here are the main features that define men’s earrings:

- strict forms;

- massive size;

- hypertrophied elements such as a cast;

- the lack of sophisticated decorations.

That said, men’s biker rings are unisex meaning a girl with the right attitude can easily rock them.

Many male studs feature stone inlays, however, they are different from female counterparts - these are either faceted stones with sharp edges or smooth opaque gems. Another feature of these inserts is the absence of prongs - jewelers tend to sink stones in metal.

Despite the fact that men's earrings are bold items, guys prefer not to experiment with colors. They incline to white metals (white gold, silver, steel) and clear stone inlays. Black earrings made of oxidized silver or featuring an enamel finish are also popular. They can be adorned with black zircon stones or onyx gems.

Men's Earring Designs

The range of men's earrings is more modest than that for women. However, you won’t be stuck with a single design because there are still many styles to choose from. In the Bikerringshop men’s earring catalog, you will find the following models.


The studs are the most popular design for men's earrings. Due to their versatility, they are suitable for the office, informal atmosphere, as well as rallies with fellow bikers. In our product range, you will spot such original designs as the Flying eyeball, skull studs, animals (owls, tigers, and even cute pugs), tribal motifs, and much more. If you like gemstones, Bikerringshop boasts earrings featuring rubies, garnets, and amethysts.

Hoop earrings

Another evergreen classic is hoop earrings. Many celebrities gravitate towards this option, although their heyday happened in the 1980s when hoops could be seen in the ear of every rocker. As it’s clear from the name, hoop earrings feature round designs that differ in thickness in diameter - from discreet thin bands to in-your-face thick rings. While the former are usually smooth, the latter carry various ornamentations such as a skull or cross design.

Dangle Earrings

It takes courage to wear dangle earrings because they draw attention like a magnet. Indeed, such items are more massive and the moving hanging element effortlessly tantalizes the eye. Usually, these models consist of two parts - the base (it can be studs or hoops) and the dangling portion. Normally, the latter has some kind of original shape, such as a skull, dragon claw, or Iron Cross. At the same time, the base can also carry inlays and symbols, especially if they mirror those depicted on the dangle.

Single Earrings

One more popular option for men’s body ornaments is a single earring. Arguably, it is even a cooler way to rock an earring than piercing in both lobes. Before you go to a piercer, you should know which ear to prick. It is considered that a straight guy wears an earring in his left ear while gays have it in the right ear. Despite what option you choose, be ready for questions about your orientation. If you want to avoid those, you’d better pierce both ears. But if you are sure that these questions won’t bother you, pick a single earring and boldly head to a piercer. Normally, single earrings have the same designs as paired items, so you’ll basically have the same options to choose from. You can even rock two earrings in the same ear to enhance the wow effect.

No matter what design you incline to, Bikerringshop has many options to offer. All the items are crafted of sterling silver so high quality is guaranteed.

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