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Halloween Jewelry – A Must-Have for a Perfect Halloween Look

Over the course of a few seasons in a row, gothic jewelry has been one of the most fashionable trends. The main attributes of jewelry made in this style are crosses, thorns, skulls, coat of arms, swords, etc., which can be depicted both romantic and brutally aggressive. Gothic jewelry and animalistic motifs are especially appealing for fashionistas and hard clubbers. Halloween is the best time to put on unusual mystical-romantic jewelry items.

Hand-Made Jewelry

If you have inexpensive beads of different colors, you can try to implement your creativity and craft a Halloween ornament on your own. For instance, you can disassemble black and orange beads and then put the beads back together on one thread. Black and orange are the main colors of Halloween. You can use these colors in various proportions to create jewelry, as well as apply make-up and manicure. Thanks to such a color combination, you will get a very vivid festive image without the need to experiment with a spooky zombie style.

Jewelry Made of Bone

Nowadays a rare girl possesses combs, brooches, bracelets, and rings crafted of bone. Ivory, walrus tusk, and whale tooth are very noble materials. Bone ornaments are unique and inimitable in their own way. Halloween is an excellent opportunity to buy your first bone ornament. In addition, beads or bracelets made from such unusual material can be worn in everyday life.

Which Style to Choose?

The Halloween tradition welcomes authentic items, folk style jewelry, amulets, and totem accessories. From products of rough, almost primitive work, to elegant items, today you can find myriads of models offered by manufacturers of mass products and individually crafted goods. By the way, here, at Biker Ring shop, we create hip and appealing gothic jewelry made of silver. All our items are hand-crafted. They will become a perfect addition to your Gothic Halloween look.


Multi-chains are perfectly suited for the All Saints’ Day. In antiquity, a chain did not symbolize the lack of freedom. Only in the Middle Ages chains began being associated with slavery. Our ancestors believed that chains were a strong magical means of communication. They connected ancestors with descendants, the past with the future, life with death, and love - with hatred. A gold chain, which virtually every woman has, will organically formalize your connection with your own Genus. Along with the aesthetic role, a chain will also perform a symbolic function.

Gothic Ornaments

If you are going to celebrate Halloween as a feast of dark forces, the best jewelry to pick is Gothic style as well as steam- and cyber-punk. Skulls, spiders, bats, pumpkins, candles, and crosses are the main attributes of the Halloween Sabbath. Don’t have such items in your jewelry box? Don’t get upset, other symbols of the other-worldly forces will do just fine: cats, dogs, birds, daggers, ornaments with a scattering of dark stones, etc. Don’t forget about items with the stars - pentagrams, hexagrams or octagrams. The best material choice is precious metals (gold and silver), copper or natural materials (amber, ivory, etc.). If you opt for gothic jewelry, you can be sure that your Halloween look will not stay unnoticed!

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