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Everything You Need to Know About Cool Men’s Rings

Snazzy and striking jewelry is the most important component of men’s image. If you are a follower of informal subcultures you will need a proper ring to make your image complete. Such items will help to express your views and beliefs. Men who eschew informal movements choose rings to look stylish, cohesive, and to attract attention. Some individuals might think that accessories are trifles but these seemingly small details affect how people perceive you. Jewelry is a key component to tie all the elements of your style together.

The History of Men's Rings

Did you know that men were the first to wear rings? In ancient times, rings were an important attribute of a man’s look. The sterner sex began to rock rings even before people learned how to mine and process iron. Primitive rings were made of wood or bones. Such rings were considered a symbol of courage and power. In the ancient tribes, only hunters and tribe leaders had the right to wear rings.

The ancient Egyptians made money in the form of rings of precious metals. In general, the Egyptians loved and revered gold rings with precious stones. Nobles, priests, and pharaohs sported ornaments as a sign of their belonging to the highest strata of society and their connection with the gods. At the same time, ordinary people gravitated to such stuff as well, with the only difference that they wore simpler rings made of bone or copper.

Some rings were assigned magical properties and they became amulets. A charm in the form of a ring was revered in ancient Rome, among the peoples of Scandinavia, as well as among the ancient Slavs. Rings with engraved prayers are still common for Christians.

In the Middle Ages, precious metal rings became the privilege of the ruling classes and a symbol of power. Thus, the ring has acquired a status role. By the way, only men of high society could wear such jewelry, as the law prescribed. If a signet was put on for no reason, for example, if someone wore a signet with a family coat of arms but he didn’t belong to this family, a deceiver could lose his hand.

In addition to the protective and status assignment, rings were used as a seal. The progenitors of modern signet rings had a rounded platform with an image carved on it. The ancient Egyptians used signets with images of gods and hieroglyphics.

Many centuries later, people used signets to seal documents. These rings served as a certifying signature and to guarantee the safety of correspondence. By stamping a ring imprint, its owner confirmed his will. One of such signets, the Fisherman's Ring (Pope unique ring), was of particular renown. Signets of monastic orders were a pass to secret meetings. In the Muslim world, a ring with a cornelian had a religious meaning because it was worn by the prophet Mohammed.

Today, signets have lost their function of signatures, but they acquired a different meaning as a stylish accessory for men. When creating men's rings, modern jewelers successfully combine traditions of the past and the latest technology. They craft both classic and traditional rings as well as items with an innovative and original design. Nowadays, rings are the epitome of male individuality. A cleverly chosen accessory in combination with the figure features, clothes, and perfume becomes a necessary attribute of the modern man’s holistic image.

A wealth of choice

Today an incredible variety of styles, shapes, and materials are available to create stunning men’s rings that will knock your socks off. As a rule, these items are wider than models for females. Rings can reflect a minimalistic style but they will still look amazing. For example, a silver ring with a noble luster and elegant interlacing of patterns looks elegant and stylish. Such an item is able to declare your respectability and good taste.

There is a fairly large range of men's rings, many of which you can find in the Bikerringshop catalogs:

Bands. This type of rings includes jewelry in the form of a regular smooth rim without any decorative ornaments. A prominent example of bands is a traditional wedding ring. Today, however, bands are not only smooth rims but also rings with engravings and inserts of small stones.

Stone ring is a male ring decorated, as a rule, with a single big precious or semi-precious stone, although you can often see combinations of one large stone framed in small stones, such as in this ring. Originally, such rings decorated hands exclusively of noblemen. However, with time, the fashion for similar jewelry made of basic metal and with glass inserts was transferred to the lower strata of society.

The fact that a man sports rings with precious stones speaks of his high social status and authority. Today, they are also worn as a talisman or amulet. Rings that are inherited have special significance.

Signet rings do not feature stones. Signet has a massive upper (front) part called the platform. An engraving or embossing is applied to the platform. The initials of the owner, the first letter of his name, or coat of arms normally became a part of décor. It is the signet that was once a substitute for signature. The nobility did not use their signature when concluding contracts. Instead, a signet ring served for this purpose.

Previously, there were certain rules for wearing signets. For example, in France and some other countries, this ring could be worn only by the head of the family on the ring finger of his left hand while ordinary people wore it on the little finger of their left hand or ring finger of the right hand. Today, the signet is decorated with intricate patterns instead of the coat of arms. There are no rules regarding how and who can wear them.

Spinner Ring. Some call it an anti-stress ring. As the name denotes, you can rotate the middle portion of the ring. If various patterns are engraved or embossed on such an item, you are able to create a new look of your ring by simply spinning it.

Materials for Men's Rings


Gold is one of the most widespread and desirable metals. In jewelry, the most common is 10K, 14K, and 18K gold. The larger the number that indicates carat, the higher the percentage of pure gold in the ligature. Gold rings have a number of shades depending on which metal is added to the ligature:

  • yellow - the most popular and common type of gold;
  • white gold is also popular but it is more expensive due to the addition of silver to the ligature. White gold rings are often covered with radium to enhance their color and protect gold from wear;
  • rose gold is otherwise known as red gold. Such gold is often used to complement more traditional yellow and white gold.


Silver is the favorite metal of the Bikerringshop. This noble metal is very malleable; it is possible to make products of any shape and complexity from it. Pure silver is a very soft metal that is easy to bend and scratch. For this reason, pure silver is never used for making jewelry. Here, at the Bikerringshop, we use only 925 silver, which is also called sterling. It contains 92.5% silver, and the remaining 7.5% are metals that give the alloy strength, hardness, and durability. When buying silver rings from the Bikerringshop, you can be sure that your product will successfully cope with the years of daily wear. The high silver content will allow the rings to remain attractive and shiny for a long time, and even if your ring tarnishes after many years of use, you can easily clean it at home.

Our catalog boasts various silver rings that feature 14k gold inserts or plating. Such styles give products greater expressiveness. They benefit from the contrasts of cold and warm colors.

Despite the fact that silver is a noble metal, its price is accessible to everyone. Our brand was born in Thailand, a country known for huge deposits of silver. Due to this fact, the products in our catalog are much cheaper than competitors’. Additionally, budget-friendly prices will allow you to purchase massive and solid rings without damage to your bank account.

Silver is a special metal that combines exquisite nobility and magical powers. It is believed that silver jewelry with religious motifs can protect their owners from the evil eye or bad thoughts of ill-wishers. At the same time, a silver ring in its reserved cold radiance never goes out of fashion, being considered a symbol of might and power. Properly chosen to fit your style, it gives a man a respectable look.

Other Metals

There are also many other materials for the rings manufacture, both basic and precious metals. Bikerringshop works only with silver and gold, but as jewelers, we consider it our duty to tell about other materials popular in the jewelry industry.

Platinum is a white metal. It is the most expensive and prestigious option for rings. It does not need additional radium plating. Some platinum rings have almost 100% purity. This is a dense metal, that’s why a platinum ring will be heavier on the hand than other options. Because of its higher cost, platinum is most often used in men's and women's wedding and engagement rings, and less often in trendy or cocktail rings.

Tungsten carbide is a heavy and durable compound of tungsten and carbon. Such an ornament will withstand any wear preserving its original look. One of the main advantages of tungsten carbide rings is that this metal is more scratch resistant than other metals. It is also able to retain its shine and brilliance. It does not need polishing or additional maintenance. On the other hand, such rings cannot be cut and resized. Therefore, when choosing a tungsten carbide ring, you should carefully measure your finger.

Titanium is another popular metal option. It is the most durable natural metal on earth. Despite its sturdiness, titanium is very light and also 100% hypoallergenic. Its strength makes it resistant to deformation. Unlike other metals, titanium has a wide variety of colors. However, titanium cannot be altered or welded, which makes a range of ring styles very limited.

Palladium is one of the most luxurious options for rings. It is a white, durable, lightweight, and bleach-resistant material. This respected metal is as a member of the platinum group and it is one of the rarest types of precious metals. Since it does not require alloys and coating, it usually has a purity of 95%. Palladium is more commonly used in male and female wedding bands. This noble metal is normally ignored in the production of decorative jewelry due to its high cost.

Steel. This metal will suit fashionistas on a budget. Stainless steel is relatively durable, so it is ideal for jewelry with trendy designs. It is also hypoallergenic and scratch resistant.

Various designs of silver men’s rings by the Bikerringshop

Biker rings. Such products carry symbolism popular in the biker community. Among the most popular symbols are skulls, skeletons, iron cross, motorcycles, etc.

Gothic rings. Due to their dark charm and gloomy romance, such rings will suit fans of Gothic literature and music. Just like biker jewelry, they often carry images of skulls but the design itself is more sophisticated and intricate. In addition to skulls, they are often decorated with shields, swords, coat of arms, and other heraldic symbols.

Celtic rings convey motifs inherent in the Celtic culture and the people inhabiting Ireland. Often such items are adorned with a trefoil, a Celtic cross, or a crown. Claddagh rings are also popular.

Animalistic rings. Since ancient times, men associated themselves with the animal world, trying to ascribe to themselves the animal traits. For instance, courageous and noble people wore lion rings and amulets; strong, hardy, and fierce warriors associated themselves with a bear, and the proud and independent but loyal and family people chose a wolf for their totem animal. This canine is most often seen in biker jewelry.

Jewelry that combines two colors of metals, a cold shade of silver and warm hues of gold, looks original and harmonious. Graceful intertwines of precious threads of different colors give jewelry the desired refinement. Silverware has a subdued noble shine, which is possible to successfully combine with both a business suit and a weathered leather jacket with torn jeans. Either way, silver rings do not violate the integrity of the masculine image.

A massive stone ring looks stylish on a strong male hand. If you do not want to attract excessive attention to your jewelry, you need to choose clear gems or stones with muted tones such as diamonds or cubic zirconias. If your goal is to amaze and have all eyes on you, then opt for precious stones of rich shades - black, red, purple, turquoise, etc.

Gemstone Power

Gems have long been associated with magical properties. It is believed that various minerals give their owners special abilities and strength, emphasize individual character traits, and protect against trouble. Perhaps, there is some truth in such beliefs but regardless of what you believe in, the brilliance of stones framed in a noble metal always looks alluring.

Various precious and semi-precious stones are used in men's rings. Massive rings combined with luxurious sapphires of delightful blue color, amethysts with amazing beauty, and rubies are designed to emphasize the high status and wealth of their owners. Which stone is right for you? It depends on the properties it possesses.

Diamonds are given diverse meanings in different cultures. Generally, diamonds are symbols of power and authority, as well as constancy. A silver ring encrusted with diamonds is evidence of wealth.

Rings with black stones have always been in demand among men. Black color and subtle shine make onyx everyone's favorite. Men's rings require larger stones to achieve an impressive look and onyx is perfectly suitable for this purpose. This mineral is quite widespread and is not too expensive compared to other precious stones. Black Onyx is credited with the properties of balance and protection. Onyx rings are considered a symbol of strength and power. This black stone also helps to develop leadership skills and eloquence in a person. Onyx is chosen by public people seeking to occupy a high position in society. A black onyx inset in a silver ring emphasizes masculinity and physical strength.

Emerald is designed to protect its owner from troubles and to call on fortune. People with a tad of adventurism and creative individuals will benefit from emerald rings.

According to legends, amethyst protects against evil spells and saves love. Amethyst is also known as a stone of peace and tranquility. It has traditionally adorned priests' rings. In the modern world, this tradition is gradually moving away, therefore, this stone of deep purple color is often found in dashing and lordly men's rings.

Sapphire personifies loyalty, purity, and chastity. A duet with a diamond reveals the depth of the sky-blue color of this noble mineral in a special way. A sapphire ring will appeal to impressionable, enthusiastic, and creative individuals.

Chrysolite is a semi-precious stone. Usually, it features an olive, pistachio, or tobacco color. It is believed that chrysolite can protect people from foolish decisions and bad dreams. It also gives strength and the ability to foresee the future. The design of chrysolite men's rings can be very diverse but most often this gem is framed in silver. Chrysolites of fine quality resemble emeralds.

Blue topaz is known as a stone of clarity and power. A men's ring with this precious stone will provide a vivid impression of a person who wears it. Such a commanding stone inserted into a silver frame looks magnetic, especially in combination with an intricate pattern.

Carnelian is an inexpensive gem which color can vary from reddish orange to brown, yellow, or pink. This is a stone of courage, motivation, and creativity. Carnelians are often used to produce vintage rings and hand-crafted signets with intricate designs. Silver a popular choice to frame this gem.

Agate is believed to have magical powers. It is often used in rings of ritual significance. Asian black agate is considered to be able to protect against harmful energy. Dark-green agate is a stone of sages and scholars. Brazilian agate, which is called the "eye of the jaguar", is extremely attractive and appealing. Rings with inlays of this semi-precious stone are usually made of blackened silver and feature an antique design.

Alexandrite is a quite rare stone that draws good luck and money. It is able to change color depending on the lighting. Sometimes it looks exactly like an emerald but then it manifests unexpected shades of red.

Zirconium, also known as an artificial diamond, gives a man optimism and faith in his own power. Such traits are important at all times, which, in a combination with a very affordable price, make zirconium rings extremely popular.

It is believed that a garnet owner acquires a special power to influence people. Garnets go well with both gold and white metals. Often large garnets are complemented with small diamonds or clear topaz. This red stone gives chick to vintage and antique biker rings.

Pragmatic people can dismiss these interpretations. However, the faith in special properties of stones has existed for centuries so maybe there is some truth in it.

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