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How to Clean Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver biker jewelry looks amazing when you first buy it, but after a while, silver can tarnish and become discolored. That doesn’t mean that you have to stop wearing your silver jewelry and put it away somewhere safe, because cleaning silver jewelry isn’t all that difficult to do. So, if you just bought some great looking silver biker jewelry and you are wondering about how to keep it clean, here are some tips on how to take care of sterling silver biker jewelry and how to clean it.

Things you need to know about sterling silver
Before we get into to how to clean your sterling silver biker jewelry, there are a few things that you need to know about taking care of it. Silver is quite a soft metal and it can tarnish quite easily, so here are a few tips that will help you keep your silver jewelry in perfect condition.

Wearing your jewelry will help keep it clean
Hiding your jewelry away in a jewelry box won’t stop it oxidizing so you are better off wearing your jewelry regularly. When you wear things like sterling silver biker rings, the natural oils in your skin act as a polish that helps to keep the silver clean.

Avoid contact with chemicals
Household chemicals and anything that contains sulphur will tarnish silver, so avoid letting your silver biker jewel coming into contact with things like detergents, chlorinated water, or foods like onions, mustard and eggs.

Avoid contact with cosmetics
Another thing that will quickly tarnish silver is cosmetic products, so take your jewelry off before you use any makeup, hairspray, perfumes, or moisturizers.

Store silver jewelry separately
If you are going to store silver jewelry for any length of time, store it in a sealed airtight container, because exposure to the air causes tarnishing. You should also store it separately from other pieces of jewelry, because silver jewelry can get scratched easily when it rubs against other harder metals.

How to clean sterling silver biker jewelry

There are a number of things that you can use to clean silver jewelry, including commercial silver jewelry polish, dips, and polishing cloths. You will also find that some people recommend using homemade silver cleaners, such as baking soda and lemon juice, but we do not recommend that you use any of these homemade cleaning techniques, because they can make silver jewelry lose its shine and become dull.

Because biker biker style jewelry often has intricate designs and tarnishing is sometimes used deliberately on some parts of the jewelry to highlight the design, you won’t want to over polish it or soak the jewelry in a dip, so we recommend that you use a Jewelry Polishing Cloth, such as Silver Blue polishing cloths.

SilverBlue polishing cloths

SilverBlue polishing cloths are soft cleaning cloths that have been impregnated with a cleaning agent that will lift tarnishing and stains straight from the face of silver jewelry. The cloths can also be used effectively on gold and platinum jewelry as well.

For general cleaning, you can use SilverBlue polishing cloths alone to clean silver biker jewelry, but if the jewelry has become very tarnished, you might need to use SilverBlue polishing cream first to remove the heavy tarnishing.

SilverBlue polishing cloths are very easy to use and they very quickly remove stains and tarnishing. The cloths are designed to be used dry, and you shouldn’t wash them, or you will wash out the cleaning agent.

The great thing about SilverBlue cleaning cloths is they do two jobs in one. They do a great job of cleaning silver jewelry and they also help prevent any further tarnishing of the jewelry as well.

Sterling Silver Polishing Clothes

How to clean sterling silver jewelry with a polishing cloth

To polish a piece of silver biker jewelry with a polishing cloth, rub the cloth gently across the jewelry in a back and forth motion. Avoid scrubbing or using a circular motion, as this could scratch the silver and it will remove any deliberate tarnishing on the jewelry. When you have finished polishing, rinse the jewelry under cool water and then dry it with a dry cloth, but don’t wash the cloth.

As with any cleaning materials, when you have finished using a silver cleaning cloth you should wash your hands thoroughly, especially if you going to be eating or preparing food shortly after using it. The polishing cloths should be stored in an airtight bag.

By far the best way to keep your sterling silver biker Jewelry looking clean and as good as new is to polish it regularly with a Silver Blue polishing cloth and avoid letting the jewelry come into contact with any chemicals. That way, you won’t scratch the jewelry and you won’t risk removing the deliberate tarnishing that might have been used to highlight the patterns in the design of the jewelry.

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