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Tribal Roller Sterling Silver Wallet Chain

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Tribal roller sterling silver biker wallet chains 23" ~new

925 Sterling Silver Chain
Sterling Silver Weight: Approx. 165g
Chain length: 23" inches. (58 cm.)
8 mm Chain Link Width
Tribal Design clasp with bold roller link custom biker wallet chains.

Substantial and robust, this hard-wearing wallet chain has been designed and created by our awesome jewellers who have intricately made the wallet chain for your personal use.

Made from highly polished Sterling Silver 925, the pattern features a Tribal Roller design with each individual roller linked together with a small link and both ends feature a crab claw clasp, the safest clasp of them all. Easy to use, just attach one end to your wallet, keys or purse and the other end to your bag, pocket or trouser loop and you’re good to go.

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