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Silver Eagle Ring

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SKU : 2022

Regular price $89.00


100% Solid sterling silver

Official .925 trademark stamp on the interior of the band

Polished finish

Width of ring band: 3/4”. (Inches)

Thickness of ring band: 1/8” (Inches)

Weight: Approx. 32 grams

Set your style soaring with this sterling silver eagle ring.


Noted for its enormous wingspan, its powerful talons and its shockingly sharp beak, the sensational Eagle is widely famed and has long been used symbolically as a symbol of protection, honour, peace and even fertility as well as culturally, for example as a sacred bird in some North America cultures as well as the national bird and national animal of the United States of America.


This heavy, thick cut sterling silver men’s ring features a breathtaking eagle design with remarkably crafted carving detailing the extraordinary wings, talons and face of this incredible bird of prey.


We guarantee our rings are produced from the highest quality 925 solid sterling silver and offer a full refund to anyone dissatisfied with the quality of the jewellery they receive.


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