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Sterling Silver Seahorse Pendant

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Sterling Silver Red Garnet Seahorse Pendant ~New

Who said that biker jewelry should necessarily be outlandish and bad-to-the-bone? Here, at Bikerringshop, we believe that bikers are good friends, loyal partners, and loving parents, their jewelry should speak volumes about it. To pack all these traits into single imagery, we created this audacious Sterling Silver Seahorse Pendant.

Seahorse is a peaceful creature but not a very good swimmer. However, nature endowed it with the ability to adapt to every situation. If it needs to move around, it attaches to seaweeds and drifts with them. The ability to change its color according to ambiance proves once again that seahorses are pros in adaptation. Thus, on the one hand, these quaint fish symbolize serenity and flowing with the stream. On the other hand, they are a symbol of progress towards the goal through trust in life and its processes, as well as through accepting the help of others. Besides that, seahorses are caring fathers and loyal partners. If you feel that seahorses’ lifestyle is similar to yours, give it a chance to be your talisman.Crafted from high-grade sterling silver, this lovely pendant will display the beliefs and features that matter to you the most. Besides its profound symbolism, this piece is simply beautiful. Its simplified shape and lack of excess ornamentation make it a good match for every clothing style and occasion. At the same time, we supplemented this pendant with impressive size and solid weight of 20 grams (0.7 ounces) because it’s worth to be seen from afar.

  • crafted from sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark is on the back of the pendant;
  • features a red garnet inlay;
  • weight: 20 grams;
  • dimensions: 25 mm x 67 mm (1” x 2.6”);
  • hand-made piece.
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