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Garnet Rose Silver Lock and Key Pendant

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Garnet Rose Lock & Key sterling silver pendant ~New

The Garnet Rose silver Lock and Key pendant will become an excellent gift for your significant other. Tell him or her that your heart is open only to them because they have the right key. Beautiful in execution and with romantic meaning, this pendant is a must-have for couples in love. Just give your loved one the key while keeping the lock to yourself and this token will show the indestructible connection between two of you. Keep your love and affection under lock and key!

Both pendants ooze the signature Gothic vibe. You can see it through roses as if emerging from both pieces of the set. In Gothic, roses denote love and beauty. Ancient philosophers believed that roses represented the university itself, and each of its petals was a new world. So, if you want to say to someone ‘you are my universe’, rose jewelry will come in handy.

The padlock and the key alike feature a red stone right in the center of the rose. Maybe it denotes your heart longing for your paramour? We made the whole set of sterling silver. It is as strong and durable as your love.

  • made of solid sterling silver;
  • 925 stamp on both pendants;
  • padlock’s dimensions: 17 mm x 28 mm (0.66” x 1.10”);
  • key’s dimensions: 16 mm x 29 mm (0.63” x 1.14”);
  • weight : 17 grams.
  • both pendants feature CZ stones in the red garnet finish;
  • we crafted this item by hand.
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