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Garnet Flaming Skull Pendant

Product image 1flame skull & rose pendant
Product image 2garnet eyes flaming skull and rose pendant
Product image 3Garnet Flaming Skull Pendant
Product image 4Garnet Flaming Skull Pendant
Product image 5skull rose biker pendant
SKU : 1896

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100% Solid sterling silver, polished.

Features the official .925 trademark stamp on the back of the pendant.

Pendant Size: 2 1/2” x 1 3/4” Inches

Pendant Weight: 30 Grams

Features fire sparkling with red garnet stones inlaid on the skull eyes.

Give your biker style some serious bite with this garnet flaming skull pendant.

Designed to be place on a neck chain, this flaming skull & rose pendant features a spine-chilling, blood-curdling skull holding a red rose between it’s teeth, it’s eyes inlaid with authentic fiery red garnet stones for serious statement effect.

Consisting of the finest 100% solid sterling silver, this is first class sterling silver jewellery you can rely on to both stand the test of time and well and truly stand out, accentuating your very best biker style.

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