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Payment Policy

Payment Policy :

1) Currently, Bikerringshop accepts secured Apple Pay, Credit Card payment including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards.

2) Paypal : Please choose second payment option [2Checkout Convert Plus (by Verifone)] to process payment using Paypal account.

3) We can also accept payment by Western Union Money Transfer ( *Please check an instruction on Checkout.

4) Payment directly to our Binance account in USDT *Please check an instruction on Checkout.

*** When buying from Bikerringshop, you only have to pay for products. We do not add any additional charges at the check-up regardless of the country you are from. Thus, every price you can see in our catalogs is the final price.

We don’t charge any additional fees if you choose the standard shipping method via Registered Air Mail. Please note that when opting for this option, it will take 14-17 days for your parcel to arrive.

If you’d like it to receive your order faster, you can choose the expedited shipping option carried out by Express mail service. This will add extra $60 when checking out.

Our online store accepts payments in full at checkouts. We do not support payment by installment.

We mark all the parcels as a gift and declare a low estimated value on the shipment. Our store is not responsible for customs duties in case of revaluation taking place at customs inspection.


3) Bikerringshop does not cooperate or support any political or charitable organizations, either in Thailand or in any other country. We do not accept payment for our products as donations or charitable contributions. All taxes arising after clients purchase products are paid by us in full. For your part, the purchase of products from Bikerringshop does not entail tax exemption.


Last updated on July 08, 2019



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