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Green Sport Mens Ring

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Emerald green sterling silver men's sport ring new

Embrace your inner sportsman through accessories with our Green Sport Mens Ring. Entirely inspired by the games that get our hearts racing and our passions flowing, this ring embodies everything there is to love about the race to win. This 50's-style college football nestled in the heart of America and you'll begin to understand the intricacies of this impressive piece.

At the face, a beautiful fire Emerald green stone has been inlaid into the central pocket, surrounded by the words 'National Champions 1952'. On one side, Michigan State line up ready to attach. And, on the other, the red Indian symbol for Biggie Munk stands proudly for all to see. A piece for those men obsessed with American sports and team comradery.

- 100% solid sterling silver
- Ring weight: 15g (approx)
- Ring face measures: 18mm x 19mm

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