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Eye of Providence Ring

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Sterling Silver Eye of Providence Adjustable Ring ~New

Old as the hills, the Eye of Providence, otherwise known as the All-Seeing Eye, is one of the most peculiar symbols out there. It is even stranger to see it in jewelry. Nevertheless, if incongruous jewelry is up your alley, don't miss your chance to flaunt this outlandish Eye of Providence Ring by Bikerringshop.

The all-seeing eye has many interpretations. In the Christian religion, it means god, and the rays of light emanating from him is his glory. However, this symbol is increasingly associated with the Masons and their idea of the Great Mother. The eye, most often the left one, is a symbol of feminine nature while the top-up pyramid is masculine nature.Whichever interpretation you believe in, you can’t deny that this ring is mesmerizing. It is mysterious, unusual, and simply beautiful. We made it of sterling silver to emphasize its nobility and mysticism since both qualities are inherent in this precious metal. To add more eye-catching quality, the Eye of Providence is executed in the brass finish while two Maltese crosses left and right from the center are made of copper.

    • the ring is made of genuine sterling silver with a brass and copper infusion;
    • 925 hallmark stamp is found inside the band;
    • it is adjustable between the US 7 and 10 sizes;
    • ring’s dimensions: 17 mm x 23 mm x 4.8 mm (0.67” x 0.90” x 0.20”);
    • weight: 11 grams;
    • hand-made product

Sterling Silver Eye of Providence Ring
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