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Sterling Silver Warrior Sword Pendant

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Are you looking for a pendant that packs a punch? Then this Sterling Silver Warrior Sword Pendant will fit the bill. Designed in the Gothic style, it will perfectly suit a confident and bold man.

When creating this pendant, we drew inspiration from everywhere. Floral patterns on the blade, as well as fleur-de-lis on the pommel, clearly speak of the Gothic influence. At the same time, the embossing on the sword’s hilt is adorned with Scandinavian patterns. If you look closer, you will notice a Roman Empire warrior in the traditional galea helmet on the front and a warrior with a shield and a spear on the back of the grip. The central portion of the guard carries the image of a two-head eagle while its edges are adorned with two three-dimensional lion heads. Although we took these symbols from various epochs and cultures, they all have something in common and this something is masculinity and boldness.

The whole piece is made of 925 sterling silver. While its raised designed are meticulously polished, recessed patterns are blackened for extra depth and definition. The back of the pendant carries the 925 hallmark stamp along with the Treasure Heart writing.

  • cast of high-grade sterling silver;
  • solid metal;
  • the 925 hallmark stamp on the back of the pendant;
  • pendant’s weight is 17 grams;
  • pendant’s dimensions: 32 mm x 89 mm (1.25” x 3.50”);
  • hand-made product;
silver sword pendant
Sterling 925 Silver Warrior Sword Pendant
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