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Silver Dragon Pendants

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Our Silver dragon pendants spark interest with a single glance. How can you resist the charm of a dragon? If you make friends with this mighty fire-breathing serpent, it will patronize you and share its wisdom.

A dragon is probably the most loved creature in the East. Unlike its Western counterpart, it is an intelligent, judicious, and friendly beast. Its mission is to enlighten people, give them a peace of mind, and protect them from evil. If you seek support and patronage, our dragon pendant is a spot-on choice. Should you treat it right, it will bring you so much joy and happiness.

This pendant depicts a dragon according to Japanese tradition. Its strong serpent-like body radiates strength and might. We placed its dark images on the polished silver plate to help it stand out. The pendant comes complete with a wide frame carrying intricate floral patterns. The whole piece is made of sterling silver.

  • premium 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark is placed on the back;
  • Pendant size is 0.82” x 2.00” (21 mm x 52 mm);
  • Pendant weight is 17 grams;
  • Hand-made piece;
  • Doesn’t feature a necklace.


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