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Silver Bat Ring

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925 Sterling Silver Bat Ring ~New

Do you want to shock, outrage, and impress others with your look? Then outlandish jewelry is a must. How about this formidable Silver Bat Ring? It will be ideal for Goths, modern-day vampires, and fashionistas looking for new ways to assert themselves.

Too many people associate bats with dark forces, magic, and myths about vampires. Indeed, these creatures are spooky-looking, they live in pitch darkness, and can scare the life out of pantywaists. The legend about Dracula only added fuel to the fire of prejudices because the king of all vampires could turn into a bat. Therefore, the image of this nocturnal creature started representing fear and death. However, not every person considers bats to be wicked. In China, for example, a bat represents happiness. People wear bat talismans to protect themselves against diseases and failures.We put a lot of care into this ring. For starters, we made it by hand to ensure the best quality and flawless appearance. Secondly, we used 100% sterling silver, which is as mystical as bat symbolism itself. Plus, it is super durable and low-maintenance. Finally, we provided lots of sophisticated details on the bat’s muzzle and wings. We are sure that you will enjoy rocking this audacious ring.

    • made of 925 sterling silver;
    • 925 stamp is placed inside the ring’s band;
    • Ring’s weight is 16 grams;
    • Face dimensions: 25 mm x 20 mm (1” x 0.8”);
    • We manufactured this item by hand.
Sterling Silver Bat Ring

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