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Sterling Silver Rasta Lion Guitar Pick Pendant

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Whether you’re a music enthusiast or Rastafarian, or even a reggae fan who appreciates rasta symbolism, you won’t be able to pass by this Rasta Lion Guitar Pick Pendant without casting a glance. Just combine it with a silver necklace chain or leather cord, and tell people about your passion and believes without a single word.

Its guitar pick silhouette will definitely please fans of Bob Marley and reggae music on the whole. The middle portion of the pendant accommodates a rasta lion. You can see this lion on the former Ethiopian flag, the country Rastafari religion came from. This symbol is also known as the Lion of Judah. The emperor Haile Selassie, who before the coronation was known as Ras Tafari Makonnen, was considered to be a king of the line of Judah. His title ‘Ras’ gave the name to the whole Rastafarian movement and his close relation to Judah made lion one of the main symbols of this religion. Rasta lion stands proudly with one paw lifted to hold a banner. His head is adorned with a crown because the lion personifies Haile Selassie, who wears a crown as an emperor.

Above the lion, the pendant carries an inlaid of three stones, a red, yellow, and green one. They also have their significance. They refer to the Rasta flag that features a red stripe that stands for blood, gold (yellow) stripe that symbolizes minerals, and green stripe that denotes land and vegetation. The reverse side of the pendant features a 925 stamp and a Logo-like pattern so you can wear it this side outward too.

  • Hand-crafted from solid 925 sterling silver;
  • The 925 stamp on the back;
  • Pendant weight : 11 Grams;
  • Pendant size: 1" x 1 1/4";
  • Features red, yellow, and green stones inlaid;

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