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Silver Octopus Gothic Pendant Necklace

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Sterling Silver Octopus Gothic Pendant Necklace

If ever a necklace was symbolic of your ability to go with the flow and adapt to different situations, then the Silver Octopus Gothic Pendant Necklace is it! In ancient times, the octopus was believed to be an eight-legged sea monster, bringing terror to whoever might be unlucky enough to come across it. However, the truth is really far more interesting.

The octopus has the power to change color according to its mood and surroundings. It can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps and expand to look far larger than its usual size. It is a creative, intelligent beast that lazily rules the ocean without appearing to make any effort whatsoever. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be scary, however. The octopus is not a creature you want to cross.If this sounds like your spirit animal, then you will adore this necklace. More than just a symbolic style statement, it has been crafted to the highest quality standards to ensure it is a part of your jewellery collection for a very long time. Made from high-grade sterling silver, the metal used conforms to the strictest durability standards. The gothic creature has been carefully carved into shape, with no detail left out – even the tentacles have been finished with their tiny suckers. The pendant has then been finished to a high shine with a thorough polish.

This heavy, chunky pendant comes with a stylish and simple leather cord chain that ensures the focus stays your solid silver cephalopod.

  • crafted from high-grade sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark is found on the back;
  • Weight: 16 grams;
  • Size: 35 mm x 47 mm;
  • Available with a 18” x 3 mm black leather cord.
Sterling Silver Octopus Pendant

Sterling Silver Octopus Leather Necklace

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Silver Octopus Gothic Pendant Necklace

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