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Silver Brass Marijuana Pendant Necklace

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Sterling Silver Brass Marijuana Pendant Necklace

Silver Brass Marijuana Pendant Necklace proves that marijuana leaves are more than a symbol of Rastafari and hippie cultures. It is an eye-pleasing image possessing a profound meaning, recognizable silhouette, and unrivaled pulling power.

Marijuana leaves are a sought-after motif for those who reap the benefits of consuming them for improving health and emotional state. Along with that, it may convey a plethora of meanings including love and respect, defending one's freedom, life without hatred, world peace, enjoyment of creativity, and many others. If any of these meanings resonate with you, don’t hesitate to put this pendant on.Made of top-notch sterling silver, the pendant proudly carries a detailed image of a marijuana leaf in its very heart. To help the iconic symbol stand out even more, we placed it against a contrasting brass background complete with vertical groves. The bezel carries Good Vibrations wording, which perfectly describes the miraculous effect of marijuana.

The back of the pendant features one more beloved symbol of the Rastarafi culture. The Rasta Lion carrying a banner and a crown will transform your image without any effort.

The pendant is made of high-quality materials including sterling silver, brass, as well as CZ crystals adorning the bail. Every piece is expertly handcrafted by our talented silversmiths.

  • beautifully combines top-grade sterling silver and brass;
  • CZ inlay adorning the bail;
  • hand-made piece;
  • pendant’s weight: 8 grams;
  • pendant’s size: 18 mm x 32 mm (0.70” x 1.25”);
  • 2 mm sterling silver necklace is optional.
Sterling Silver Marijuana Pendant
Silver Brass Marijuana Necklace

2mm Sterling Silver Necklace (Require to be purchase with the pendant)

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