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Gothic Blue Evil Eye Pendant

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Sterling Silver Blue Evil Eye Pendant

Every one of us at least once thought about a talisman to get protection from evil and call on good luck. If you are still searching for such a talisman, take a closer look at our Gothic Blue Evil Eye Pendant. Designed with Gothic aesthetics in mind, this quirky item will be your reliable protector. Plus, it will help you be in the center of attention wherever you go because it is impossible not to notice its incongruous design.

As a talisman, the evil eye symbol was used since the dawn of time in Portugal, Albania, Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, and two dozen other countries. So many different cultures and religions concur with one thing: this symbol protects its owner from negative energy and whammy. If you, too, are seeking salvation from someone's bad influence, then count on this evil eye talisman.Gothic Blue Evil Eye Pendant by Bikerringshop is made of durable and attractive sterling silver. The eye itself is crafted from high-quality polymer clay. We made this piece by hand because you deserve jewelry that looks great, features a touch of individuality, and can be worn effortlessly. We even provide a durable 20” (50 cm) leather braided cord with a silver clasp so that you can string your evil eye talisman and you’re good to go in no time.

  • made of solid 925 sterling silver and polymer clay;
  • the back of the pendant features a 925 hallmark stamp;
  • pendant’s weight: 17 grams;
  • pendant’s dimensions: 25 mm x 32 mm (1.00” x 1.25”);
  • 3 mm 20” leather necklace in a black finish is included.
  • this piece is made by hand.
Sterling Silver Evil Eye Pendant Leather Necklace

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