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Yellow Gold Cross 925 Sterling Silver Men's Ring

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An irresistible vibe of nobility, intricate details, and a magnificent blend of gold and silver make this ring catnip for Gothic enthusiasts. Yellow Gold Cross 925 Sterling Silver Men’s Ring by Bikerringshop is an excellent accent for your standout style.

The focal point of this humongous ring is a budded gilded cross adorned with floral patterns. The cross sits inside a shield, a long-standing symbol of protection and chivalry. Rays of light emanate from the heart of the cross to the edges of the shield symbolizing enlightenment, inner harmony, and spirituality. The shank of the ring is no less interesting than its face. Continuing the design of the cross, it also carries plant motifs. The most curious element, however, is the huge sword with the blade going around the entire shank. The grip and the guard blend organically with the numerous patterns and offer a praiseworthy solution to meet the eye when you look at the ring from the sides.Besides intricate patterns bristling with symbolism, you will also enjoy the color combination. Noble silver in all its glory, darkened recessed designs, and the standout gold cross harmoniously coexist and visually enhance each other's appearance. Not only is this ring beautiful but extra durable thanks to top-grade sterling silver. Rest assured, this is solid silver (not hollow!), you can feel all 40 grams of it on your finger. The gross, while also being made of silver, is gold-plated for the contrast.

Every single element of this ring is crafted by the caring hands of our silversmiths. Manual production lets us preserve the sense of individuality and uniqueness. If your goal is to stand out, it is super easy with this scintillating piece of Gothic art.

  • crafted from 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark stamp is inside the band;
  • Ring face dimensions: 1 1/8” x 1 2/8” (28.5 mm x 31.7 mm);
  • Weighs impressive 40 grams;
  • Hand-crafted jewelry.

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