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Sterling Silver Mens Tiger Rings

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This wonderful snarling tiger ring is truly something to behold. Crafted from the highest quality solid sterling silver, the detailing on this tiger ring is just amazing.

This ring is the real deal. It’s not been silver plated, so it won’t chip and peel in a few months, this is real, solid, sterling silver, all the way through, and there is a 925 silver trademark stamp on the inside of the ring to prove it!

Tigers are wild, tigers are dangerous, but tigers are also beautiful, and this stunning sterling silver tiger ring captures all of that. From the fine etched lines that depict the tiger’s stripes, to diamond tiger eyes, every detail has been carefully crafted to give you the most amazing tiger ring you have ever seen.

The tiger ring weighs 25 grams and it measures 7/8" x 1" inches. It’s a ring with style that will really stand out on your finger. Sterling silver biker style tiger rings just don’t get any better than this. This is biker jewelry that is made to last.

With its ears swept back and its fangs exposed, this tiger looks all set to pounce. A tiger is an animal that personifies strength, courage and danger, and this superb tiger ring really does justice to this magnificent animal.

Order your magnificent sterling silver tiger ring today and we will ship it straight out to you. We ship anywhere in the world, and you will receive your tiger ring within 14-17 days. Like all our biker jewelry, this silver tiger ring comes with a 30 day guarantee, so don’t delay; order your top quality tiger ring today!



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