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Sterling Silver Mary Womens Bracelet

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Small 925 sterling silver mary women's bracelet ~New

Our female clients deserve some dramatic jewelry, too. We created this awesome sterling Silver Mary Womens Bracelet to cater to ladies who are not scared to show off their style and make heads turn wherever they go.

This formidable bracelet centers around the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (aka the Virgin of Guadalupe). It is the Virgin Mary who appeared to a humble Mexican man Juan Diego and asked him to build a church. When her command was fulfilled, the Virgin of Guadalupe became one of the most revered saints in Mexico. It is believed that she patronizes and guards women. Therefore, we proudly reserved the place of honor for the icon Our Lady of Guadalupe in this bracelet.To draw more attention to the icon and create an eye-catching contrast with noble silver finish, we cast it in brass. The closure mirrors its yellow-ish appearance and adds more cohesion to the entire piece. By the way, the closure itself deserves attention too, as we chose a creative approach when designing it. Its round shape and the removable cap adorned with crest-like patterns are like icing on a cake.

A thick silver curb chain ties the closure and the icon together and puts an emphasis on the bracelet’s biker origin. As usual, we designed, crafted, and polished every single part of this bracelet by hand because superb quality and personal touch are our main priorities.

  • made of high-quality 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 stamp sits on the clasp;
  • features brass elements;
  • bracelet link width: 7 mm;
  • weight: 28 grams;
  • handcrafted piece of jewelry.
Sterling silver Mary angel women's bracelet.

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Sterling Silver Mary Womens Bracelet

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