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Mary Angel Sterling Silver Cuff

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If you are a believer or a person who enjoys original jewelry, take a closer look at our Mary angel sterling silver cuff. It is made of high-grade sterling silver with standing-out images of the Virgin Mary and the Cross in the eye-catching brass finish.

Religious theme jewelry in general and with the Virgin Mary in particular, speaks of the good intentions of a person, his honesty and openness. Often, such items are worn to receive support from the Saint. At the same time, accessories featuring Virgin Mary have an even deeper meaning. They may signify humility before God. Often, those who choose the Mother of God jewelry, strive for perfection, honesty, and sinlessness.

Our cuff bracelet will fit wrists of 7”-8” in circumference. It will be an excellent addition to modest and discreet outfits. Our jewelers placed the Virgin Mary medallion in the bangle’s center while two crosses sit near the edges. The surface is internationally roughened and dented to achieve a raw and rugged look. The bangle also carries El Deseo (desire) carving.

  • constructed from solid sterling silver;
  • molded and polished by hand;
  • adjustable size for 7”-8” wrists;
  • weight 37 grams;
  • 925 hallmark on the inside.

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