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Skull Jewelry, Skull Sterling Silver Lighter

SKU : 1935
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Skull carved 925 sterling silver lighter ~Brand new

This solid sterling silver lighter has been decorated with numerous skulls, all of which are different sizes. This bold statement piece stands out because of the stones present within each of the skulls. Within the eye sockets of each skull is either a blue sapphire, red ruby or diamond clear stone. Each of these stones gives each of the skulls a shine that will grab any one’s attention. The skulls make this lighter easier to grasp, and easier to flick open. A master silversmith has worked on this lighter and alongside its detailed design, the lighter has also been polished to a high standard.

Lighter size: Approximately 2” x 2 3/8” x ¾” inches
Material: Solid Sterling Silver with blue sapphire, red ruby and diamond clear stones

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