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Skull Sterling Silver Biker Money Clip

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Reduce the bulk in your pocket and swap your tired old wallet for this smart money clip! The light, slimline design will hold all your notes while maintaining your biker-guy image with eight spooky skulls carved out of solid sterling silver on the front. Despite their small size, the skulls have been intricately carved, with bulging eye sockets and a full set of teeth to give them an extra creepy look.

Made of genuine silver, the clip is heavy enough to know it is comfortably in your pocket, so that you would instantly notice if someone were to take it, but light enough that you won’t mind carrying it around all day.  It is the perfect size to hold large wads of notes if required, or just one or two notes, depending on how close you are to payday! Keep your cards in your phone case and your change to a minimum and you will never need a wallet again!

  • Money clip size: Approximately 1” x 2 3/8” inches
  • Money clip weight: Approximately 34 Grams
  • Material: Solid Sterling Silver


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