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Why Women's Wallets Are the Perfect Fashion Accessories

Do you have a friend whose birthday is coming up? Maybe your sister just graduated and you need to get her a great gift?

Maybe you are looking for the last final piece to cap off your outfit and give it that special touch?

Whether you struggle with finding the perfect present or are looking to upgrade your wardrobe, we've got you covered.

Women's wallets are the trendiest item every lady needs to have.

How do you select the best material? Which size and shape are ideal for a woman's wardrobe?

We've got these buying tips and more in our guide to the hottest new accessory out there!

Why Women's Wallets?

There are tons of reasons, but let's start with the easiest: convenience.

Giant purses can hurt your neck and shoulders when used every day. And forget trying to find anything in them - you'll be digging for days.

Whip out a wallet and there are no worries! Everything is neatly organized in a tiny to-go package.

It's really no secret why women's wallets are on the rise. Minimalism as a movement and personal statement has grown more popular in recent years.

Gone are flashy statement purses that cost thousands of dollars (or just looked like they did). Women are taking a tip from the boy's club and scaling town to a right-sized wallet.

Like many things with men, though, ladies took the basic principle and boosted it a notch to fit their lifestyle. If you think wallets are just a rugged and plain fold of leather, think again.

There are many different types to fit your style. Let's explore them!

Which Wallet Works?

The first thing to consider when trying to find your perfect wallet is how you're going to use it.

Is it going to slide in the back pocket of your jeans? Are you going to toss it into your purse?

Maybe you need it to be big enough to put a little more than a few credit cards in it?

How you intend to use your wallet and what you need to put into it are going to be your guide to selecting the best one. Let's look at different wallet sizes to see if any of them speak to you.

Small Wallets

The smallest wallets are sized to slip in an ID and a few credit cards. This is for the true minimalist!

Let's go over a few typical tiny wallets.

  • ID - The thinnest of the thin. Slender and small.
  • Coin - Size to fit your credit cards and dollar bills but roomy enough for a few coins and maybe a key
  • Bifold - What you most likely think of when you picture a wallet
  • Trifold - Instead of folding in half like the bifold, this one has two flaps that fold into a third

Medium Wallets

These are a little bigger. Not bulky but with a little more wiggle room for your night-out essentials.

  • Checkbook - This wallet is big enough to hold a book of checks and unfolded dollar bills
  • Envelope - As the name suggests, this is the size of a regular envelope
  • Travel - A slightly larger wallet, sized to fit a passport, tickets, and other items necessary for travel

Larger Wallets

These won't fit in your pocket but they're still easy to carry around. Think of them as mini purses!

Clutch - The biggest wallet available. Is small enough to carry one-handed but has room for bulkier items like a lipstick or keychain

Opera - This type of wallet is very elegant and used for special occasions. It consists of a hard case that usually snaps shut

Wristlet - This type of wallet has a strap so that it can hang from your wrist.

Now that you know the types of women's wallets that are out there, you have a better idea of how you're going to use one day-to-day.

So what should your wallet be made out of? You have some options.

Cloth and Other Soft Materials

Some women's wallets are made out of cloth or other soft materials. Again, consider what you're going to be using it for before selecting a finish.

There's nothing sweeter than a small coin wallet made out of brocade or silk. For those who are into funky fashions, consider a knitted wristlet.

The thing about cloth, though, is that it breaks down if you're constantly using it. A wallet made of cloth or other soft material is great for special occasions, or to be use with a purse.

For something sturdier, consider a hardier material, like leather.

Think all leather is the same? Think again! Let's look at our options.

Leather Choices

When you think of leather, you probably think of cow hide, the most common form of leather.

There are actually three kinds of cow leather to consider:

  • Genuine: real leather, but the lowest quality
  • Top-grain: a better choice, but is usually processed and then treated to look like higher quality
  • Full-grain - the highest quality. It's very tough and will last a long time - but might not be as smooth as top-grain

The choices don't stop there - women's wallets can be made from ostrich, crocodile, or even pony! All of these have their own unique style and personality.

Hard Materials

There are a few wallet options that come in solid pieces. For example, some clutches are created from metal or plastic.

That doesn't mean you can't have fun with the look!

If you're going with an opera wallet, consider having a nice design in enamel on the front. Want to be quirky? Try rhinestones that spell out something cheeky.

The Ultimate Accessory

As you can see, there are so many options you'll want to try them all. Women's wallets are beautiful and incredibly functional.

Get in on this trend and add a gorgeous wallet to your wardrobe! Ready to shop? We've got styles for miles you're going to love!

With so many options, you'll want to add a wallet to each outfit you have. Luckily, they're versatile and easy to carry.

Which women's wallet are you going to pick up today?


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