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What is a Biker Wallet and Why do You Need One

Classic men's wallets in the form of a book have already turned into a cliché. Every self-respecting man thinks that he should have one in his pocket. Almost every wallet found on the market is black and made of leather. The only thing that makes them different from one another is a price tag and a manufacturer’s logo. With such a wallet you won’t stand out from the crowd.

But what if you have your own style? If you're tired of cookie-cutter solutions and you want something different and unique? Why not try a biker wallet?

What is a Biker Wallet

This is a men's leather wallet with a timeless tri-fold or double fold design. It has several slots for bills, pockets for business and credit cards, as well as a pocket for change with a zipper or snap. Such a wallet usually has a grommet to attach a chain. The other end of a chain is fastened to a belt with a spring hook or leather fastener (depending on a model). A wallet’s form factor allows fitting medium-sized bills, which means that no matter what country you are from, this accessory can easily accommodate your currency.

What Distinguishes a Real Biker Wallet from Mass Market Products

Let’s first figure out why they are called biker. In fact, not only will they suit bikers but also those who have an individual style and want to emphasize it. Usually, such wallets bear images (often called tattoos) of skulls, crosses, totem animals, etc, - motifs popular among bikers and related subcultures. Therefore, such products can also be called rocker and cowboy wallets.

Different techniques can be used to apply artwork - pyrography (burning), carving, embossing, etc. Also, a wallet can be decorated with silver or stainless steel rivets, fasteners, buckles, as well as appliqués and embroidery.

Biker wallets are made very durable to maintain an attractive appearance for as long as possible. For this, high-quality leather is used, and not just the regular cow or lamb leather but often it is exotic animals skins - crocodile, snake, stingray, and others. Such leather is durable and also has a natural pattern.

To make a walled please its owner for many years to come, the leather is processed in several stages. Usually, at first, it is an impregnation with chemicals that prevent cracking and give the material elasticity. Next, is a color application. After dying a wallet may be covered with varnish to protect the dye from abrasion. Also, varnish protects a wallet from moisture.

Most biker wallets are handmade. At least, you can be sure that all the men's wallets by the Biker Ring Shop are handcrafted by the best craftsmen. This allows controlling quality at each stage of production. Moreover, such hand-made products are unique in their own way. You are unlikely to find an owner of an absolutely identical item.

Reasons to Buy a Biker Wallet

A genuine leather biker wallet is a practical and stylish thing. Such a wallet:

  • Allows you to store money, credit cards, business cards, and receipts in one place, just like a regular wallet. However, being more compact, it can be comfortably worn in both the front and back pocket of pants.
  • More secure. A chain attached to a belt makes it impossible to accidentally drop a wallet and will not let thieves steal it. In addition, a stylish chain will make your image more complete.
  • Rivets all eyes on you. For instance, if you sport such a wallet at a store’s checkout people around you will realize that you are not a part of a crowd. Therefore, such s badass accessory with biker symbols fastened to a belt will definitely ensure respect for its owner.

Now you have a recipe of how to bring a zest to the everyday look. Feel free to experiment with your style and search for new solutions. And Biker Ring Shop will always be there for you!

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