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What Are the Most Popular Men's Biker Rings?

Motorcycle riding is a sport often associated with free-spirited characters unafraid to dance a little on the wild side.

As such, these persons often choose to display their toughness and grit through their wardrobe and other accessories that can be worn both on and off the bike.

What's one way they can let their hardy spirit shine? Though biker rings.

As they grip the handlebars, bikers' hands are on full display. As such, rings are an ideal choice of jewelry, allowing them creative expression and a way to get their message across.

Today, we're breaking down a few of the styles of biker rings currently dominating the industry. We'll discuss some of the top styles and examples that fall under each.

Ready to learn more? Let's rev it up and get started!

Animal Themes

Whether it's a tiger that symbolizes strength and power or a cheetah that embodies the speed and agility of a biker, biker rings that feature animal icons are hotter than ever before.

In addition to more traditional animal themes, bikers are also leaning toward mythological creatures, such as the Phoenix, to add flair and mystique to their rings.

These rings can also incorporate elements of fantasy, as well. For instance, riders can choose to adorn their rings with gargoyles or Chinese dragons for a slightly different take on the usual animal symbols.

Overall, the conjoining element for this theme is that the animals chosen are either mysterious or tough -- both adding to the biker persona. You probably won't find any kittens here -- though there are plenty of lions!

Skull Rings

One of the most classic types of biker rings is the skull ring.

This is a type that can be customized in almost any way imaginable, making it a favorite for riders seeking a unique look. The skulls can be designed in a simple, clean fashion or can be decorated and embellished to the rider's liking.

If the latter is more your style, consider skull options that feature wings or hearts in the design for an especially ornamental touch.

In addition, the skull itself can be designed to make myriad expressions. From laughing skulls that seem to mock the danger associated with biking to menacing ones that leave no question as to the rider's toughness, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Harley-Davidson Emblems

As Harley-Davidson continues to claim one of the top spots when it comes to the bike that many bikers dream of owning, it's no wonder that Harley-Davidson rings are as popular today as they've ever been.

These rings often feature the name "Harley-Davidson" or the initials "HD" etched or engraved onto the surface of the ring. As such, it's easy to spot an HD rider when you see this specialized ring!

Cross Rings

Other biker rings that have been gaining popularity are ones adorned with cross symbols.

These are often sterling silver rings featuring a large cross that takes up a majority of the ring's face.

The cross can be inlaid with gemstones, such as sapphires, to give it a punch of color. Or, it can simply blend it with the sterling silver motif.

To meet in the middle, consider adding a single center stone, such as a black onyx. This touch adds intrigue and character without drawing too much attention. An added bonus? A monochromatic ring goes with almost any type of wardrobe!

Another popular style is to combine a cross symbol with another symbol, such as a skull or heart, to add a decorative touch.

Many designers allow wearers to customize the cross to their specific religious connections. For instance, Christians may opt for a Jesus ring in which the cross itself is comprised of the body of Christ.

Gothic-Influenced Designs

Another way bikers can show their personality is to choose a ring that incorporates gothic elements. As a general rule, this type of jewelry is often characterized by heavy touches of metal and dark stones. It also features intricate designs.

Examples of biker rings that display these features include ones with medieval symbols such as wide-winged birds, dragons, and more. Gothic rings can also encompass other, aforementioned styles, such as those adorned with skulls, crosses, or animals.

What sets this type of ring apart is its rough, metal look and feel. In fact, rings that are simply hammered to look worn and touch can be considered "gothic" even without the traditional gothic embellishments.

Letter and Number Rings

Biker rings that feature letters, numbers, or a combination of both, are also a popular choice.

These often come in a variety of font and color options and are customizable.

They can be designed with numbers and letters that represent a rider's specific motorcycle club. They can also symbolize his or her service in the police or fire department.

Alternatively, many riders choose to display their own initials -- or the initials of someone close to them -- on these types of rings.

Celtic Features

Similar to cross rings, biker rings that feature Celtic influences are quickly gaining ground.

From Celtic crosses and Celtic Dragons to the distinctive Celtic Triquetra, or trinity knot pattern, these rings are easy to spot for their signature look.

It's also not uncommon to see rings that merge Celtic patterns with other symbols, such as dragons or hearts. In these cases, the pattern typically runs along the band of the ring, with the other symbol taking center stage in the middle.

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