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The 7 Best-Dressed Celebrity Men this Month

Much of fashion depends on your appreciation of style and what you feel looks great. One man’s masterpiece is another’s fashion disaster.

But certain celebrities always seem to be on-trend and totally nailing the latest looks, and we’ve put together this roundup of the seven best-dressed male celebrities this month to give you a little inspiration for your wardrobe. We’ve eschewed the outrageous and gone for looks that are both practical and stylish, and that you can recreate with ease. So, without further ado, let’s jump in.

Jeff Goldblum

An actor known for his idiosyncratic approach to his film career – he might be in a blockbuster, he might be in a Wes Anderson film, you never know – Goldblum also has a keen sense of fashion. And he brings the same playfulness and irreverent air of his general personality to how he dresses.

Rocking up at the Venice Film Festival at the tail end of August, Goldblum was toting a now ubiquitous trend – the wild print shirt – and mixing it up with his own inimitable style. Sporting a deep tan Prada two-piece suit with a tapered waist and pseudo-fitted trousers, Goldblum tied the whole thing together with matching black brogues and retro, thick-framed glasses. And, importantly, he added a little shine with a chunky silver ring. It’s a stylish, casual look pulled off to perfection.  

Alessandro Borghi

Also in attendance at the Venice Film Festival, and rocking an equally great look was Italian actor Alessandro Borghi.

What makes Borghi’s style stand out this month is that he found a perfect middle ground between casual and formal, without erring too far in either direction. On top, Borghi looks the business, with a deep charcoal, double-breasted jacket, buttoned to accentuate the tailored look and add some definition to his top half. On the bottom, Borghi matched the same deep-tone charcoal trousers with black loaders – with no socks, for that laid-back Mediterranean style.

And Borghi does a great job tying the whole look together with a couple of oversized silver rings and some nineties circular, colored sunglasses.

Tom Cruise

Cruise isn’t always known for his out-of-this-world fashion, but he always does an impeccable job of presenting himself as an elder statesman of Hollywood.

What this meant at the Beijing Premiere of the latest Mission Impossible movie was a full-on black ensemble with no added accoutrements. Wearing a perfectly tailored, just off-black Dior for Men suit, Cruise is at the point where he doesn’t need to dress to impress – he simply carries an understated, classic style that speaks to maturity and self-assuredness. He matched the suit with a slightly darker-toned black shirt and laced up brogues, making for a very elegant and classical movie start look.


Damien Lewis

Spotted at the U.S Open, Damien Lewis put on a masterclass of how to carry off a look that’s both casual, comfortable and thoroughly on-trend.

Lewis’s look this month is all about being casual but still having enough of a look together to show that he’s made an effort. He teamed light-grey chinos – fitted but not overly tight – with a black belt carrying a simple gold buckle. The real eye-catcher was the floral print shirt, making use of on-trend dull natural green with an almost-too-busy-but-not-quite white flower and stem pattern. And Lewis did a fantastic job offsetting the shirt centerpiece with some classic square Ray-Ban sunglasses.

John Cho

Appearing at the premiere of his latest movie ‘Searching’, Jon Cho pulled out all the stops – in an understated way – for his red-carpet wear.

Cho rocked up to the premier sporting a rich blue Ermenegildo Zegna suit, with the color somewhere between royal blue and a slightly lighter tone. With a double-button, double-breasted design, the suit matched Cho’s slender physique to perfection, enabling him to draw the jacket tighter and accentuate his shoulders and waist – without ever looking restricted. The plunging lapel and dulled, steel-look buttons of the jacket provided great shape and broke up an outfit that could otherwise have fallen foul of carrying too much of one color.  

Down low, Cho styled a pair of monk-strap, dark brown shoes for the perfect compliment to the blue hues of his suit and the plain black shirt beneath.

Rami Malek

Not content with just appearing in one of the best TV shows of recent years – ‘Mr. Robot’ – or playing the role of Freddie Mercury in the upcoming biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Rami Malek was also sporting a so-cool-it-hurts look at the premiere for another project – ‘Papillion’.

Malek was sporting a complicated, multi-layered silk shirt that, if he didn’t know what he was doing, could easily pull all the focus. But Malek worked the silk shirt expertly with a sheer black Berluti suit, making the combination seem like the most natural thing in the world. Because Malek errs toward a slimmer build, the suit jacket featured a perfect shoulder fit and a slight inward taper at the waist, helping the actor fill out the suit very nicely indeed.

Beyond that, and again helping with Malek’s diminutive physique, were black, lace up formal boots. It’s a great look and a perfect example of using uniform colors to offset bolder elements.

Bradley Cooper

Sometimes all you need to do to look great is rely on the classics, and that’s exactly what Bradley Cooper did at the Venice premiere of ‘A Star is Born’.

It’s evident Cooper has taken some pages out of the classic Hollywood style playbook, totally killing a deep blue tuxedo. With darker lapels, the tux look is one that definitely suits Cooper, the style meshing perfectly with his leading man looks. Featuring a white shirt with black buttons and a plain, black bowtie, Cooper’s outfit does a great job of delineating the different features of the wear while also feeling unified and expertly put together.

It’s only in the footwear department that Cooper went a little off-book, but he nailed it here as well. Two-tone suede and patent leather add a great contrast to the deep blue tux but somehow feel right at home.

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