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Metal Facts: Why Silver Is a Unique Material for Jewelry Production

Being a universal material, silver is suitable for both men and women. Moreover, jewelry made of this noble metal looks good on people of any age and social status. It is easy to combine with gold, enamel, semiprecious and precious stones, pearls, corals, and ivory. Silver jewelry is suitable for any reason and occasion. In addition, according to ancient beliefs, silver calms and heals, so in our age of crazy speeds, you shouldn’t deny yourself a little silver joy.

Silver is very easy to process: to polish, cut, twist, draw, and roll into the finest plates. These properties make it indispensable for the manufacture of jewelry masterpieces, but at the same time limit the life of soft and delicate items of pure metal. Therefore, in the jewelry, to achieve greater durability, alloys with copper are used.

Sterling Silver

The most reliable, immaculately white, and durable alloy for making jewelry is 925 silver that is also called sterling silver. This is pure silver with a small amount of copper. It has long been considered to be ideal for silverware manufacturing. Despite all attempts to improve the characteristics of this alloy with zinc, silicon, germanium, and even platinum, silver with a 925 stamp remains the most popular.

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New Century - New Styles

Silver jewelry is incredibly stylish thanks to special methods of silver processing. For example, a brilliant brightness, unusual for pure silver, is created by a thin coating of precious white rhodium. Rhodium plated sterling jewelry not only looks attractive but also has a stronger resistance to tarnish and damage.

Also, a layer of oxidized silver gives excellent decorative and protective properties to silver ornaments. Being treated with sulfur, silver takes on a greater charm and an "aged", vintage look. Thanks to special polishing, the convex parts of products retain a natural silver color, which boldly stands out against the background of darker concave elements.

Unique Looks of Silver Jewelry

Another way to give silver items original look is a good old blackening. Having a certain external similarity with the oxidized metal, blackened silver is the result of a very special art. During a product’s processing, a coating of silver sulfide, lead, and copper is alloyed with an engraved silver surface, creating exquisite patterns.

Jewelry made of matte silver has a particular nobility and sophistication. Thanks to the use of a special emulsion, the surface is covered with microscopic roughness.

Finally, we can’t fail to mention gilding. Gilding is a galvanic coating of silver with a layer of gold that has a thickness ranging from fractions to tens of microns. This coating has a great chemical resistance, meaning it is a good measure to protect against corrosion. The galvanic coating increases the hardness of the surface and improves the aesthetic appearance, giving ornaments a noble and expensive look.


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