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Gold or Silver Biker Accessories: What to Choose?

When buying jewelry, many people are wondering what is better to choose - gold or silver. These precious metals have certain properties that affect the life and health of both men and women. Therefore, you need to choose wisely so that accessories harmonize with your look, mental state, and inner world. Let’s find out what is the best pick for you.

Biker jewelry is an indispensable accessory. Since ancient times, the most popular metals for the ornaments manufacture have been silver and gold. For centuries, people have been arguing which metal is better. This discussion is endless – some people prefer silver, another wear only gold jewelry and the others successfully combine both. These noble metals have both positive and negative properties. Let’s compare gold and silver to understand what is better.

Reasons to Chose Gold

Gold can be found in the human body, although its amount is minimal. It is actively used in pharmacology. There is an opinion that gold strengthens the immune system and health.

Gold jewelry has long been considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It is a metal of power-hungry and confident people. Gold is a very pliable material, which is perfectly compatible with precious stones and gems.

Today gold jewelry is perfectly suitable for both women and men. However, in the East, it is believed that gold possesses the Yan energy, which is characteristic of men. Golden ornaments will be a perfect match for durable, strong, and active people. Products made of this metal relieve depression and apathy, helping their owners to focus on their goals.  If you suffer from fatigue, drowsiness, and unwillingness to do anything, gold can aid to eliminate such moods.

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Reasons to Purchase Silver Biker Accessories

In terms of health benefits, biker accessories made of silver are better than gold. Silver kills germs and purifies water. If you put a silver item into a jar with water, the liquid will remain fresh and drinkable for a long time.

Silver-made jewelry looks less showy than gold one. Any massive rings or bracelets will not seem tasteless if they are made of this material. At the same time, the decor of silverware is not inferior to gold; sometimes such ornaments are even more attractive than gold ones.

It is customary for Christians to make various amulets from silver. When a child is baptized, he or she is given a silver spoon. It is considered that this metal protects from an evil eye and absorbs a negative energy from outside. Indeed, if a silver item suddenly turns dark, it is said that it has cleared harmful energy.

In the East, silver personifies the Yin energy but this does not mean that it can only be worn by women. Silver jewelry has soothing properties. Therefore, if you are irritable and impatient, this metal is for you.

Silver is a very strong and durable metal that is perfect for everyday wear. It is noble and at the same time simple and affordable. Silver biker accessories are the best pick for down-to-earth, pragmatic and well-balanced people.

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