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Carp Koi Biker Accessories

Koi fish is a picturesque representative of the Cyprinidae family. This fish has gained many fans thanks to its vivid colors and unusual appearance. Bikers have also paid attention to this mysterious fish but not because of its vibrancy, rather thanks to a specific symbolism it carries. Koi carps are very strong and energetic fish that can overcome strong currents to get to feeding or spawning sites. Carps live very long, often many of them reach the age of 40-50 years, and some specimens can live up to 200 years. For these reasons in the East culture, carp koi is associated with strength, endurance, and longevity. Whatever it may be, many buffs of biker culture put images of this amazing fish on their leather vests or sport the appropriate accessories. Do you want to know the meaning of carp koi for bikers? Stay with us and you will learn more about this wonderful creature.

The Symbolism of the Carp Koi in the East

Eastern cultures treat carps very respectfully, believing they are a symbol of longevity and purposefulness. In nature, the life of carps is a constant battle. They have to struggle with the flow of rivers, overcoming the miles in search of food or places for breeding. Therefore, carp images are often interpreted as a symbol of struggle and incredible willpower, a symbol of survival and a thirst for life. Accessories with the image of this fish are especially popular among individuals who are striving for the highest goal, which may seem unattainable for other people.

In China, carp koi is of particular importance. It is considered to be the king of all fishes on earth. Therefore, it embodies absolute power and superiority over all others peers. It is also called dragon fish. The ancient legend says that every carp that can go up the Yellow River and reach the Gates of the Dragon will also be turned into a dragon. Therefore, carp is a symbol of inspiration for people who are striving for particularly complex and ambitious goals.

The Significance of Carp Koi in the Biker Culture

Bikers wear accessories with Japanese koi tattoo design for several reasons. The most popular reasons are:

  1. Carp koi attracts happiness

Koi fish helps every person who has failed in life. In Japanese and Chinese mythology, carp is sort of a lucky charm, such as horseshoes or four-leafed clovers. Many people believe that images of a carp koi can help in the fight against life's difficulties.

  1. This fish helps to find the real you.

An ancient Eastern belief says that koi can transform into a river dragon. This fish can do things others are not capable of. That is why the image of koi reflects the devotion to oneself and the search for the place in life.

  1. Emphasize purposefulness of a person.

This interpretation of the koi image is originated from the same legend. No obstacles will prevent a little carp from becoming what it should be. This fish moves relentlessly towards its goal and, in the end, reaches it.

  1. Symbolizes a man and a woman.

The Japanese revere a carp as a masculine symbol. They used to decorate their houses with flags depicting a carp when a boy was born in a family. Later it became a symbol of joyful life and family well-being. Today koi of fiery-red color symbolizes the feminine principle. Scarlet carp reflects a woman's essence, attractiveness, and youth. The Japanese associate a red koi with an image of a loving mother, the keeper of the family.

A carp of black color symbolizes a man. A person who wears ornaments with a black carp koi puts the emphasis on his masculinity and strength.

Images of white or blue carp are a symbol of sons in a family, and pink carp is a sign of a daughter.

  1. The thirst for life.

In nature, carp’s life is full of difficulties: they constantly compete for food and fight with the currents of rivers. But these fish are capable of overcoming any barriers. They create favorable conditions for themselves and are able to take advantage of the circumstances.

Who Can Wear Japanese Koi Tattoo Design Jewelry

Carp koi biker rings can be worn by anyone. A man possessing an accessory with this image will certainly achieve success in his career and love life. A carp will give him confidence in his abilities, wisdom, and bring luck. If a decoration is worn by a woman it means that a lady has a masculine character and achieves everything in her life by herself. She is determined, purposeful and follows her goal without expecting help from above.

In general, accessories with koi carps are the best fit for such individuals:

  1. People who want to discover new possibilities in life or to move up the career ladder.
  2. Purposeful persons who try their best to achieve their goal and put a lot of energy and efforts to attain it.
  3. Faithful wives and loving mothers who cherish family values the most (their patron is a red koi carp).
  4. Accessories depicting carps will charge people who lack self-confidence and willpower with positive energy and help them to get on their feet.

It is also worth mentioning bikers who have ever been a hair's breadth from death. For such people, Japanese koi tattoo design jewelry will become a symbol of the struggle for life and victory despite circumstances.

Carp is a symbol of independence of the soul and body. It helps to achieve success no matter what. In general, carp became a symbol of fearlessness and courage in the Buddhist religion. Also, people in the East admire its longevity. If you are not afraid of difficulties and spend your life in a constant motion, carp koi jewelry will become your totem.

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