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8 Reasons Every Man Needs a Biker Wallet and Chain

Guys who love a cool biker wallet and chain are a special breed. They don't care if their wallet is in fashion or not. They don't care if other people approve of their fashion choices: they wear what they like and what works for them.

The truth is, a great biker wallet serves many purposes. You don't need to drive a Harley to appreciate its style and function. Besides looking good, it's practical.

But truth be told: it looks damn good, too.

Here are eight reasons why a wallet and chain is a timeless choice for every man.

1. It's Tough

A biker wallet is literally tough. It's durable and will last a long time.

These items are built to be rugged. If a biker wipes out on his hog, his wallet can't be left in shreds on the highway.

Some leathers are stronger than others. You can find wallets made from a wide variety of skins like sharkskin, python, lizard or crocodile. For optimal toughness and cost efficiency, however, you might want to stick with a high-quality cowhide with full grain.

Biker wallets are also tough in attitude. They are associated with dudes like the guys in Sons of Anarchy. You don't see usually Wall Street types rocking wallet chains.

2. It's Cool

The biker archetype is associated with freedom from the bonds of society. From Peter Fonda in "Easy Rider" to the Hell's Angels, guys who ride typify a rebellious spirit. They don't care what people think or what the rules are.

Few of us can really live outside the bounds of society like true bikers. But we can wear a wallet and chain and a leather vest and feel that cool, even if it is just on the weekends.

Fashion is one of the few ways grown-ups can live out their dreams. By an accessory as simple as a biker wallet, you can give yourself that extra boost of confidence and swagger.

3. It's Harder to Lose

Bikers are practical types, and they aren't going to make a fashion choice simply because it looks good. A wallet and chain combo is utilitarian: it serves a purpose.

You aren't going to leave your wallet in a bar after a wild night because it is clipped to your jeans with a chain. Your money can't slide out of your back pocket while you are running down the highway. After all, it's snapped into your biker wallet, which is chained to your body.

Some biker wallets are big enough to fit your cell phone. If a wallet and chain can help prevent you from losing your phone, there's nothing cooler than that.

4.No One Is Going to Steal Your Biker Wallet

Another practical advantage to the biker wallet/chain combination is the unlikelihood of getting ripped off.

Only a fool would try to pickpocket a guy whose wallet is chained to his waist. Just a tug on that chain is going to alert the wearer, and send the potential thief running for the hills.

5. It Comes in Lots of Styles

Biker wallets and chains come in a wide variety of styles. You can go for traditional SOA style with the classic skull motif, or you can go all medieval and Game of Thrones with a dragon clasp.

Bling or Goth: there's sure to be a style that fits you.

You can also choose from a wide range of prices. There are bronze or leather chains for under one hundred dollars.

You can also find wallet chains with precious stones. Versions with diamonds and rubies are available, but they can cost you over $500.

6. It's Timeless

Biker chic resonates with people because it evokes more than just motorcycles.

Bikers are the knights of modern myths. They're also like modern cowboys. In addition to thumbing their nose at conventional society, they claim to uphold the principles of brotherhood and loyalty.

Looking like a biker gives you a little sense of living free, and taking to the open road with your brothers. Whether you are lucky enough to actually have that freedom in real life or if you simply dream about it, it is a timeless longing.

Capturing even a glimmer of that liberty through the fashion statement of wallet chain is exhilarating. And you don't have to quit your day job to feel it.

7. Outsiders Love Wallets with Chains

Biker wallets with chains have been worn by rebels throughout popular culture. Think of Marlon Brando in "The Wild One" in the 1950s.

Punks like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols wore chains in the 70s, borrowing from biker and fetish cultures. Seattle's grunge rockers like Kurt Cobain also favored this style.

You can also see hip-hop stars sporting wallet chains as an example of street fashion.

Wearing a biker wallet with a chain firmly embeds you in the counterculture. Whatever the mainstream is, it is not you. This fashion choice makes that perfectly clear.

8. Did We Say, It's COOL?

Someone in the movie "The Wild One" asks the character played by Marlon Brando: "What are you rebelling against?"

He responds, "Whaddya got?"

As we age, it's harder and harder to access the defiance and restlessness that Brando epitomized. It's harder to feel that cool.

But you don't have to give up being cool just because you have a job, a wife, and car payments. (In fact, having a job will probably mean you can buy a better bike.)

Being cool is a state of mind, and you never have to lose it. However, it's a state of mind that is easier to access if you have the proper gear. Accessories which remind you of what it is like to be free and wild will keep you cool, no matter where you are in life.

Biker Wallets with Chains: Practical and Amazing

Whether you care about keeping track of your cash and mobile phone, or looking like a badass, a biker wallet and chain can satisfy many of your needs.

Check out the selection of styles here, and you will be ready to hit the road.


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