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The Best 925 sterling silver rings from Bikerringshop

Bikerringshop is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers. Our catalogs are bristling with rings featuring various themes and designs. We create our products for bikers, rockers, and Goths. Along with that, we are sure that absolutely every man can find a worthy ring in our store. We have broken our product range into 6 large theme segments to help you choose a sterling silver ring of your dreams.


The skull is one of the most ancient and controversial symbols. There is hardly any other symbol which simultaneously has two diametrically opposite meanings. The skull signifies death and life. In addition, it has many other meanings that came from different cultures and religions.

For example, medieval philosophers believed that a skull is a repository of wisdom. When it was established that the brain was housed in the skull, various medical and philosophical treatises tried to find a connection between the mind, body, and soul.

The skull is also associated with witchcraft and black magic. People believed that sorcerers and witches used skulls in the black magic rituals designed to cause the death of an enemy.

The skull in the biker culture is a sort of a guardian angel. Motorcyclists believe that a person who wears a skull mark can cheat death. It was bikers who showed us that it is absolutely ok to wear skull rings. Goths, Satanists, and many other people followed the bikers’ example. Today, it is not necessary to belong to any subculture to rock skull accessories.

Look at this sugar skull ring. Does it cause any fear, anxiety, or dread? In fact, a sugar skull is an artistic, ingenious, and cute image of death. Death is not the end, it is only a new beginning. You should not be afraid of it – this is the message sugar skulls convey.

This sugar skull ring is adorned with various patterns, from simple swirls to large flowers at the temples and around the eye sockets. On the forehead, it carries a cross, which resembles a Celtic cross due to the carved ornaments and a circle in the center. To give this ring even more pizzazz and color, our jewelers highlighted some details with gold.

If personally for you the skull is a morbid symbol and you want to convey this idea through your jewelry, you can’t go wrong with this gold double skull spinner ring. Its entire shank is covered with horrible skulls that seem to emerge from the dark depths of the unknown. One of these skulls is dressed in gold plating – you won’t be able to ignore its sinister smirk. No matter which direction you spin this ring, you will always face a skull. For some, it will be a reminder that death is inevitable. For others, it may be an impetus to live life to the fullest today because you never know when death will take you with you.



Many people assume that Gothic implies a community of weird young people dressed in all black who gather somewhere in a cemetery and participate in Satanic rituals. Despite the fact that Gothic is really leaning towards dark colors, it is not about being Satanists. Not many people are aware of it, but Gothic is a romantic subculture with a touch of tragedy and a bit of mystery. Therefore, Gothic jewelry is the same - sophisticated, intricate, and mysterious.

Gothic rings do not boast rich colors. Basically, they are made of white metals because their color is in harmony with the cold radiation of the moon. Silver is considered the most wanted metal since people attribute to it healing and magical properties. Gothic rings are crafted of both polished and blackened silver. For instance, in this Onyx Men’s ring, recessed blackened details set off an intricate floral design.

In general, the images of flowers and plants are a Gothic’s signature feature. Each of these patterns has a hidden meaning. For example, a rose is not only a beautiful flower but also a model of the universe where each petal means parallel reality.

Going back to this ring, the blackened carving is in harmony with a large onyx stone flaunting the same rich black color. Often, Gothic jewelry bears certain features of androgynism meaning it can be worn by both women and men. As for this ring, its massive shape and strict color will please the male eye while curls and smooth lines will not leave ladies cold.

Floral motifs are also present in this Cross Sterling Silver Gothic ring. It seems like the roots of a tree sprout into a cross why the branches try to wrap around it. Generally, crosses are a common theme in Gothic jewelry. There are many reasons why the subculture associated with Satanism reveres the main Christian symbol. In fact, Gothic originates from the medieval architecture style whose highlight was majestic yet somewhat intimidating Catholic cathedrals. As you know, cathedrals go hand in hand with crosses. In addition, the cross is a symbol of resurrection, eternal life, or immortality. These concepts go beyond our comprehension. They border on otherworldly, magical and mystical concepts, which are the pillars of Gothic.

So, this ring’s focal point is a Catholic cross placed over a polished black stone. Once again we can see how Gothic jewelry takes advantage of the black and white elements. The ring's setting is intentionally rough and oxidized to create a certain mystical vibe.


Animalistic motifs are very popular in painting, sculpture, and even architecture. Jewelers could not ignore this theme either. Fashion men’s rings tend to show off various animals, birds, fish, and even insects. Often, such rings are designed to emphasize the unique character traits of their owners. Or, on the contrary, their calling is to strengthen those features that people lack. For example, if you are a shy and weak-tempered person, a lion ring should give you more courage and confidence.

In addition to actual animals, jewelry makes use of captivating images of mythical creatures such as Ouroboros, Unicorn, or Dragon. The latter is considered to be the favorite symbol in exquisite Gothic jewelry. Despite the fact that in Western culture, a dragon is a destroyer, people did not cease to admire its power and frightening beauty. In Japan, dragons are totally different. There, dragons are wise creatures that protect people instead of attacking them. A ring featuring a serpent-like dragon (the one who has a long skinny body without wings) can become your talisman. It is able to protect from the evil eye and give wisdom in making difficult decisions. If you prefer rings with fire-breathing dragons that spread their mighty wings, these can become symbols of your battle with your vices, such as greed, envy, self-interest, cowardice, etc. Like a knight defeating a dragon, you can defeat evil in you.


Not only can you see a cross in crucifixes but also in fashion jewelry. These two intersecting bars evoke stormy debates about their relevance in trinkets that do not carry any religious significance. Nevertheless, fashionistas are sure that they have the right to wear cross jewelry on a par with believers.

If you are confused by the presence of a Catholic cross in a ring, you can go for other cross variations. For example, this gold cross ring carries the cross of St. James. Its shape is similar to the Latin cross yet its bars have fleur de lis extensions while the base of the cross is sharpened. In this ring, all hour arms are decorated with royal lily. This is really a regal symbol depicted on the emblems of many royal dynasties. In jewelry and art, it is not uncommon to combine native religious motifs (such as a cross) with floral patterns. For example, the interiors of medieval Gothic cathedrals are lavishly embellished with ivy, trefoil, rose, and lilies.

In this ring, the cross rests upon a wide plate shaped like a shield. The fleur de lis cross is covered with gold plating to stand out from silver-molded decorative elements. Besides the cross, the ring features side designs portraying swords with lily-adorned hilts. If you are a sucker for original men's jewelry with a hint of gothic, this ring will be a worthy addition to your collection.

If you are not afraid of bold symbols, there is another cross that causes a contradiction in society. Once upon a time, the Iron Cross was a reward in Prussia (now Germany) for achievements in military affairs. After the unification of the German lands, it became a reward to all military officials for their courage and bravery. The Iron Cross reputation deteriorated when Nazis began to generously distribute this award to the Third Reich soldiers. During the Second World War, there was a tradition in the US Army to take trophies of the defeated soldiers. The Iron Cross along and swastika were the most hated symbols; nevertheless, they were the wanted trophies for the soldiers.

Upon returning home from the battlefield, the former soldiers realized that their homeland is not particularly happy to see them. They noticed how drastically the society had changed while they were away and they hated these changes. In order to somehow draw attention to their political convictions, the former military began to set up motorcycle clubs and adorn their clothes with war trophies. Such a rebellious behavior and appearance guaranteed the public’s attention. For many decades, the Iron Cross had remained a symbol of defiance and rebellion in the biker community. Today, its significance is gradually fading. Most modern bikers consider the Iron Cross a symbol of masculinity and courage, which actually corresponds to its original meaning when the Iron Cross was just a military reward.


Inspired by massive and lordly bishop rings, bikers adopted and adapted this ornament to fit their ideas about men's jewelry. While authentic Episcopal rings are molded from solid gold, motorcyclists prefer silver, although some silver-made models are gold plated to enhance their grandeur. For example, this oval bishop ring is constructed of sterling silver but covered with a thin layer of 14 carat gold. It retains the look and feel of a real bishop ring. What makes it even more authentic is the huge purple amethyst housed right in the center.

In the Middle Ages, amethysts decorated church utensils and icon frames. The priest clothes were also embellished with purple and scarlet amethysts. Due to the widespread use within the church, amethyst is even called the cardinal stone. Church orators expressed the idea that the gem resembles Apostle Matthew, who became famous for his fiery speeches to the glory of God and his desire to serve him forever.


Many biker rings featuring Bishop design have a silver finish because silver is motorcyclists’ favorite metal. Besides, silver perfectly blends with clear inlays, whether it is luxurious diamonds or inexpensive zirconium stones. Departing from the canon in terms of material and color, bikers are not averse to experimenting with shapes and accents. For example, this stout ring made of silver has a cross-shaped design inlaid with small purple amethysts instead of showing off one large amethyst stone.


This ring is a free interpretation of the famous Claddagh ring. It consists of three parts - two hands holding a heart and a crown above. Each of these elements has its own meaning. Thus, the hands symbolize friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown is a symbol of loyalty. Although our Celtic crown ring does not depict these elements in an obvious way, you can see their silhouettes in the curved lines and bizarre swirls.


Different types of dragons exist in many cultures, and the Celts are no exception. According to some sources, the Greek word dragon means “to see clearly” or “to see the truth”. The gift of divination is indeed attributed to the dragons. In the Celtic culture, the winged serpent is known as Protector Spirit who connects the heavenly and earthly forces to create a protective cover of the Planet. In this role, dragons are gatekeepers to other worlds who guard the land and its inhabitants from the invasion of hostile forces. They are often depicted as stylized spirals and labyrinths. Dragon's lairs are sacred and spiritual places as well as sources of the earth energy.

In our Celtic dragon ring, the images of the dragons merge with the Celtic Knot pattern. These magical creatures are set off by the stylized image of a sword with a single blue gem inlay.

If any of these rings have caught your eye, don’t hesitate to browse through our catalogs and get them for yourself. They are all hand-made of silver, so outstanding quality is guaranteed!

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