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Men’s Cross Necklace to Make a Statement in 2019

When choosing jewelry as a gift, many people spot silver cross necklaces. Such a gift is truly valuable, especially for people of faith.

A cross necklace is a versatile item that will suit a person of any gender, age, and social status. Properly chosen, this gift can be harmoniously combined with any style of clothing, thus enhancing the beauty of its owner. For a believer, a cross pendant is more than just a piece of jewelry; it carries a sacred meaning that requires an appropriate attitude.

According to the teachings of the church, cross jewelry should not be a status indicator. Such items are not for bragging. For a religious person, a cross is a shrine that should be hidden from the prying eyes and worn under clothing.

In today’s world, however, many people wear cross jewelry for purely style-related reasons. For them, a cross necklace is a controversial piece that will definitely make many heads turn.

Regardless of what your motives for picking cross jewelry are, you will definitely appreciate some of these spectacular cross necklaces from our collection.

What Kind of Cross Necklaces to Choose?

 According to church, a person should be modest, whether it is his or her clothes or behavior. When it comes to jewelry, it shouldn’t be over the top. Along with that, the church allows wearing pectoral crosses made of precious metals. After all, for each church festival dedicated to the Cross of Christ, it is customary to adorn a cross with flowers as a sign of reverence. Therefore, when choosing a cross pendant, it is not a sin to focus on the aesthetic side.

The price of cross pendants depends on several factors: material it is made of, its weight, the complexity of weaving, the finish coating, etc. The most common materials for cross necklaces are the following:

Precious metals. Such products are designed to attract attention. Try to choose thin chains that hold small crosses so that you can maintain the image of a modest person. You can combine jewelry made of precious metals with stylish but discreet clothing to create a holistic and noble look. The most common precious metals for cross necklaces are gold and silver. It used to be thought that gold is a male metal and silver is for females. Today, these two metals have swapped roles. Such a change happened because men stopped wearing pompous extravagant jewelry and opted for more moderate silverware. Women, on the other hand, don’t mind adding a bit of luxury to their image through the use of gold, but if a product is discreet, they can still fit the righteous image. The advantages of gold and silver chains are a noble look. On top of that, they carry timeless designs and won’t tarnish with time.

Steel - such decorations are made more massive and eye-catching. Mostly, steel cross necklaces are worn as stylish jewelry than a religious symbol. Steel chains and pendants can be worn under clothes if you do not want them to attract too much attention, and also on top of clothes if you want all eyes to be on you. The advantages of steel products are that they are affordable and will not darken with time.

Leather thongs are able to create a more natural and down-to-earth look. They are not as commanding as metal chains, so they can be perfectly combined with everyday and casual clothes. Leather thongs blend well with silver and steel pendants but they are less suitable for gold pendants. The leather is less durable than metal so you’ll have to replace thongs every few years. You should also be careful in order not to wet leather; otherwise, it may become unusable.

Rope cords are another down-to-earth material to suspend a cross. Normally, several laces are woven together because a single cord can fray or burst. Basically, rope cords are made short, like chokers. Such products are best combined with a relaxed and casual style.

Top 5 Best Cross Necklaces by Bikerringshop

Check out these 5 impressive cross necklace and pendant pieces that you can find in our catalog:

men's cross necklace

This cross necklace looks simplistic at first glance but you will notice many intricate details that slipped your attention if you look closely. It features a little chain wrapped around the cross to add it a special flair as well as delicate swirls on the sides for a Celtic vibe. The pendant’s loop is embellished with a darkened Iron Cross to give it more dimension. The Iron Cross as a symbol of power and courage, so it will suit strong-minded individuals. A simple black leather thong allows keeping the look simple and clear, that’s why our silver cross pendant will create a harmonious image with clothes of any style whether it is casual, formal, or Gothic look.

 flame cross silver pendant

This flame cross pendant is designed to make a statement. Basically, it consists of two crosses – a massive flame that resembles a cross and a simple Latin cross on top. In a certain way, it is a reference to a fiery heart that symbolizes a religious burning. The pendant is made of solid silver and it is pretty massive featuring impressive 23 grams. This piece doesn’t come with a necklace which gives you plenty of choice regarding a chain to suspend it on. We recommend pairing it with a longer silver chain. Thus, you can wear such a duet both underneath your clothes or on top of your outfits.

 rock n roll jesus pendant

This rocker Jesus silver cross pendant is a prominent representative of so-called ‘fashion crosses’. It is not to demonstrate your faith or affection for Christ but rather to shock or cause controversy. The pendant features a tremendous number of details. The top of the pendant is adorned with royal lilies. In Christianity, a lily is considered to be the flower of the Virgin Mary, which symbolizes innocence. The central piece that holds the crucifix is embellished with swirls that echo the lilies and add a more intricate look to the item. If you look at the back, you will discover the ‘The treasures heart’ engraving, which you can interpret at your own discretion. Thanks to such design, the pendant has two faces and you can sport either of it.

 sterling silver sugar skull pendant

A Sugar Skull pendant may look fancy and costumy but you will only assume that if you’re not familiar with the sugar skull significance. We have already made a post about the sugar skull jewelry, so check it out if you’ve missed it. Anyhow, this pendant features both Christian and pagan references. A cross clearly points out at the religious significance while the gold-plated sun in the center of the piece has a pagan meaning. Such a controversial combination of symbols states that everything is not so simple when it comes to religion, however you can read this message as you wish. Apart from religious meanings, this is a beautiful pendant featuring sophisticated craftsmanship which will elevate the look of a bold man.

 rock and roll jesus jewelry

This beautiful Jesus and skull necklace will be an ideal pick for risky and confident men. Every part of its piece is impressive. The chain features a few dozens of small skulls affixed to each other and holding a Virgin Mary medallion that is further connected with a crucifix. The pendant in conjunction with skulled necklace creates a cohesive Gothic vibe characterized with a disturbing appeal and a symbolism which balances on the verge of holiness and sacrilege.

Which Length is the Best for Me?

The most versatile length of a men’s necklaces is 50-60 cm (20-24 in). You can enhance a necklace with a cross pendant and wear it with any outfit. Such a medium length will visually make a thick neck slimmer.

If you have a thin and long neck, you can rock a short chain or leather necklace. They will look nice with t-shirts and button-down shirts. Mature men or the ones who sport a long beard, should shift the focus from the neck so it’s best for them to pick longer necklaces.

The length of a necklace is also affected by your height. If you are a short and slender guy, the most suitable option for you is a necklace of 40-50 cm (15-20 in). Choose long neck pieces if you are taller than 6 feet (183 cm). If your height is right in the middle, you can choose any length you want, just try to avoid short chains if you have a round face or chubby cheeks. Muscle-bound, burly, and bullnecked men will benefit from chains longer than 60 cm (24 in).

If you pick a cross necklace as a gift to a child, you should look out for models with lengths of 11-13 inches. Neck pieces for children should not fit the neck snugly. At the same time, they can’t be too long because they are easy to tear. The best option is a thin but sturdy-made necklace with a strong weaving and inexpensive metal.

Long chains of 70-80 cm are usually worn by women as an evening accessory. If you are a guy, we strongly recommend avoiding such lengths because they will make you look like a rapper mockery.

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