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A Guide to Motorcycling Round Europe

Are you dreaming of a multi-day motorcycle trip in Europe? That’s great! You need to be thoroughly prepared so that your journey is not only eventful but also comfortable and safe. We have come up with a short and sweet guide to motorcycling around Europe to ensure your trip goes without a hitch.


The first thing to take care of is a trip route. You need to determine your stops and the distance between them, as well as the time for the entire journey and then calculate the necessary speed and travel time.

The next step is to decide which roads you are going to ride along. You may choose between federal highways (autobahns) or secondary roads. Highways are faster but smaller roads are much more interesting, more picturesque, and safer.

It is best to ride about 400 km per day. Thus, you won’t get too tired, you will have time to enjoy the journey, and there still be time for rest and sightseeing at the destination.

If you are planning to spend the nights in cities, then you should take care of hotel booking in advance. Try to choose places that have an attended parking lot.


You should also take care of snacks and places for a full meal in advance. We don’t recommend eating exclusively at gas stations and roadside cafes. Food in such places is not always tasty and healthy.

It is best to google what cafes and restaurants there are along your trip route and plan to make stops there. Also, just in case, it is good to always have a light snack with you.

What to take with you on a motorcycle trip

You should carefully think through what stuff you are going to take. On the one hand, you need to pack things you need for a comfortable journey; on the other hand, a motorcycle doesn’t have much room for everything that might come in handy. On top of that, an overloaded bike rides much slower, especially off-road.

Always take a few sets of clothes with you. Prepare some outfits you will be wearing during the ride as well as some clothing items you will put on when leaving your bike at a parking lot. Even if you are having a trip in the summer, you still need to pack some warm clothes. Additionally, do not forget to take the first aid kit, which should contain bandages, antiseptic, painkillers, and anti-diarrhea medication.

Choosing clothes for a motorcycle tour

For a long motorcycle trip, specialized road clothing is best suited. There are two types of biker apparel - leather and textile. Despite their cool appearance, leather jackets and pants are poorly suited for this purpose. First of all, they are very hot in the heat and cold when it is chilly outside. Secondly, if it is raining, you’ll have to dry a leather jacket for a very long time.

Textile motorcycle clothing is much more practical for long trips: it is made of special fabrics that provide a comfortable ride in almost any weather; it is quite durable and waterproof.

Choosing a motorcycle for long trips

Virtually any motorcycle is suitable for short journeys, even a sports bike if you are ready to cope with all the hardship. 

A multi-day motorcycle trip across Europe does not require much preparation. Special equipment and gears, except as provisioned by the rules and safety requirements, is not needed either. You can embark on such a journey on a tourist or classic biker.

If you are going to ride along rough terrain or country roads, it’s best to choose an enduro (dual-sport) motorcycle. Also, when traveling off-road, you need to select a vehicle with a minimum of plastic because at the end of the trip plastic may be badly damaged.

A tank should contain at least 30 liters so that there is a supply of fuel for unforeseen situations. If possible, take a bike with more engine power.

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