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What Does Your Dragon Jewelry Say About You?
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Published on October 01, 2017


What Does Your Dragon Jewelry Say About You?

Few ancient creatures are as fierce as the dragon. The powerful symbolic force of the dragon spans centuries.

Dragon jewelry depicting different cultural takes on the mythological creature has been worn for years. It is especially popular in biker culture.

Traditionally dragons have been seen as guardians. They symbolize ultimate protection, power, and authority. Today, this image of the dragon is still used in pop culture and art.

They have long since been a common design element used in tattoo artwork. Their intricate design and recognizable force is infectious.

Today dragons remain a prominent figure in fantasy books, movies, and T.V. shows. With all of these possibilites, what does your dragon jewelry say about you?

Find Your Perfect Piece of Dragon Jewelry

Many people believe the origin of the dragon lies somewhere in Chinese culture. But some scholars have stated that the mythological origin is both European and Asian. The different variations of styles still being used today would seem to support this.

Jewelry makers have incorporated many different styles of dragon into bracelets, pendants, necklaces and rings. Each one has a direct connection to that styles particular origin. Unfortunately, this may make choosing a dragon that suits your personality quite difficult.

To help you decide, we've broken down the different types of traditional dragons.

The Winged Dragons of Europe

These may be the most traditional type of dragons found in Western movies, folklore, and books. The style of the European dragon is much different than those of ancient Asian cultures.

These dragons are the winged, fire-breathing creatures that lived mysteriously in caves, mountains or rivers. They were said to guard sought-after treasures and were often pursued by heroes or knights.

While Asian dragons are often associated with wisdom and good fortune, the European dragon is often seen as evil. Though some were said to be friendly and give helpful advice to those who asked or deserved it.

Dragon jewelry that incorporates the European depiction tends to be very intricate. They are traditionally seen with scaly, lizard-like skin, wings and spikes running down the back and tail. Jewelry makers have done a great job reproducing this look.

This design would be great for someone who likes powerful and ornate designs. Definitely an appropriate symbol for biker jewelry.

The All-Powerful Chinese Dragon

The ancient Chinese dragon is a symbol of potency and power. They are said to maintain control over natural forces such as rain, floods, and storms. Chinese emperors traditionally used the dragon as a symbol imperial power.

The Chinese dragon is also symbolic of good luck, success, and opportunity. In Asian cultures, a person who is successful and highly capable is often compared to a dragon. They are said to bring physical strength and well-being along with spiritual enlightenment.

This particular style of dragon is serpent-like, lacking the large wings of the European style. They are usually portrayed in a wavy position, as if slithering.

The Chinese dragon is sometimes shown holding a pearl under its chin. This pearl is said to represent good fortune and wealth.

When incorporated into jewelry, the Chinese dragon achieves a sleeker, more minimal look. But its portrayal of power and authority still makes it very suited for the lover of biker fashion.

The Legendary Japanese Dragon

The Japanese dragon is quite similar to the traditional Chinese dragon. It is depicted as a fierce snake and usually is seen with arms and claws.

Also like the Chinese dragon, these creatures are associated with nature and water. In fact, the Japanese dragon is said to be a water deity. In Japan, they are often seen on ancient temples and shrines.

They symbolize wealth and strength and also have a strong presence in popular tattoo design in Japan and the rest of the world. When choosing your piece of dragon jewelry, these are a great choice if you want to convey both intelligence and power.

Good Energy and the Feng Shui Dragon

This style is similar to both the Chinese and Japanese dragons, with a serpent-like quality. These are also sometimes depicted holding pearls which represent wealth and opportunity.

What sets this style apart is its association with positive energy. Feng Shui statues are said to bring good energy to a home and even help with relationship problems. They can cure negative energy that has built up in a home or even bring good luck.

It's common to see this dragon paired with the symbol of the phoenix. This is said to promote marital bliss in the home.

The principles of Feng Shui say you should never place a dragon above eye level. This would make a pendant a perfect piece of dragon jewelry to add to your attire. And a little bit of positive energy never hurt anyone.

Gothic Dragon Designs

An interesting look in biker fashion is the blending of a dragon with gothic design features. This incorporates elements of either the European or Asian dragon with the dark yet ornate imagery of gothic design.

Mixing these two elements together creates a very powerful and foreboding look. And the ancient tradition of dragons fits perfectly with the stark and stony look of gothic design.

The gothic style has become popular in biker and rock and roll fashion. Adding a dragon takes it to a whole new level.

A Wide Range of Biker Jewelry to Choose From

When choosing your next piece of jewelry, consider adding a dragon piece to your collection.

Using the information above, you can better choose which style perfectly suits your personality. Our collection of dragon pendants incorporates both the European and Asian styles.

Bikerringshop.com specializes in providing a large assortment of biker clothing and accessories.

Our online store makes it easy for you to find your next piece. Shop for dragon jewelry today.

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