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Lion Ring
Lion Ring
Lion Ring
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Mens Sterling Silver Lion Ring
Roman Lion Head Design Mens Ring, Handmade heavy & solid sterling silver jewelry.
Ring Weight : 37 Grams.
Ring (lion) face measure : 28 x 32 mm.
Our Price: $99.00

Product Code: 2701

Ring Sizes (US Size)*:

Carved mens heavy & solid sterling silver lion ring ~brand new

-Highest quality 100% solid sterling silver, heavy & thick,
stamp .925 trademark inside the band.
-First class sterling silver jewelry, nicely polished.
-Lion ring weight : 37 grams.
-Lion ring face measures : 28 x 32 mm.
-We caring in every step of production to make it perfect for you.
-We guarantee this is solid sterling silver, if not full refund.

lion ring

lion ring

lion ring

Feel the unrivaled power and majesty of the King of the Jungle with this eye-catching Sterling Silver Lion Ring. Are you ready to awaken your inner jungle cat and live each day on your terms?

You will sense the blood coursing through your veins as soon as you slip this stunning ring on your finger for the first time. Channel the raw, primitive power of the lion whether you are at work, out with friends, or looking to impress the special lady in your life.

Beautifully carved from 100% heavy, solid sterling silver, this lion ring lets the world know that you are a man with a mission. The solid feel of this polished ring will give you immense confidence as you take on challenges at work, at home, and elsewhere. Who would dare to underestimate the ambition and the drive of a man who lives his life on his own terms and with a fearsome lion by his side?

The face on this solid Sterling Silver Lion Ring measures an impressive 28 x 32 mm. Even after you have owned it and worn it for years you will still be fascinated every time that you look at his expression and feel the magic of the world’s most powerful and feared feline predator.

The lion’s head has been so wonderfully well carved that you can easily make out the details from any angle. The flowing mane, the steely and focused eyes, and the fearsome teeth all glint in the sunlight. It will make a massive impression on everyone who sees it.

The Sterling Silver Lion Ring weighs in at 37 grams but it feels a lot heavier and more solid than that figure suggests. The reassuring weight of this ring means that you will never forget that you have it on and that you are living life with a mighty lion as your personal symbol.

The guarantee of genuine solid silver comes with the full refund promise and the stamp inside the band. These mere words won’t seem so important, though, once you feel the quality and realize that this is the ring you have been waiting all your life for.

Every step of the production process sees us take a tremendous amount of care in getting this handmade ring just perfect. We fully understand that any man who wants to make a statement with this kind of awesome ring won’t settle for second best.

Let your inner lion shine through by slipping this incredible ring on your finger. Expect to instantly feel your confidence surge, as you use this powerful animal as your personal guide to help you to achieve all of the personal and professional goals that you set yourself.

Sometimes, a ring is more than just a ring. That is definitely the case with this solid Sterling Silver Lion Ring. Rather than just another piece of jewelry for your collection, you could look on this as being a powerful way of channeling your inner strength and showing the world, the force of your personality.

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