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How to Pick the Perfect Cross Pendant that Suits You
Cross Pendants
Cross Pendants

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Published on October 23, 2017


How to Pick the Perfect Cross Pendant that Suits You

Buying jewelry for yourself can easily get overwhelming as you shop through all the options available to you.

You may have an idea of what you want as far as a necklace or a ring, or maybe a general idea of what your new accessory should look like.

Still, your decision will take a little bit of research.

For special pieces of jewelry like a cross pendant, the more options you look at the better. This is because once you make a decision, you can be absolutely sure it is the right choice for you.

Here are eight different kinds of cross pendants to help you start your search.

1. Sideways Cross

This is the most modern take on jewelry for religious expression.

Sideways crosses have popped up on rings, bracelets, and, of course, necklaces. It is the best choice for a fashion-forward and trendy woman.

A sideways cross is a bit untraditional, but still simple and elegant enough for any outfit. You can feel comfortable heading to the gym or to a nice dinner knowing this is around your neck at all times.

2. Crucifix

A crucifix is arguably the most powerful cross pendant.

Not only does it represent your religious views, but many believers say this is the pinnacle of Christianity. It is a full expression of the faith you follow and what it means to you.

Crucifixes are an intricately designed pendant. They have to be simple enough for the lady who wants to wear it every day, while still showing the right amount of details of the crucifixion.

If you consider yourself deeply rooted in your faith, or if that is a goal you are working towards, this is a top cross pendant candidate.

3. Celtic Cross

Celtic crosses are made with Irish and Scottish influence. They are easily identified by the circle going around the intersection of the cross.

This design dates back to when the Celtics converted to Christianity and wanted to keep a piece of their culture alive. Today, some designs include a four-leaf clover or the Holy Trinity as well.

As such, a Celtic cross pendant is most commonly worn by women with a direct tie to this heritage. She may be Irish-born or of a Scottish family, and she wears this cross to identify two key elements of who she is.

There are some women who appreciate this ancient culture and decide to wear it, too. However, they may find themselves explaining they aren't Irish in the rare occasions someone asks when they see the cross.

4. Budded Cross

If your jewelry is a collection of statement pieces, a budded cross pendant will fit right in.

Budded crosses are intricately woven designs, often with small gems either at the intersection or at each end. The most telling sign of a budded cross is the group of three circular rings at every endpoint.

Some scholars say this is to represent the Holy Trinity of Christianity and Catholicism.

Others, though, think it dates back even further. There are some theories which say the buds show an ancient relationship between earth, sea, and sky.

The two theories give this option a unique twist as you search for the one that is perfect for you.

On one hand, it is a beautiful design for the lady who loves to go all-out with jewelry. On the other, it may be just right for the woman of faith who still leaves her mind open to various views of the world like being one with nature.

5. Egyptian Cross

Speaking of being open to other ideologies, there is the Egyptian cross to consider. It is an ancient representation of Christian faith and Egyptian culture coming together.

This cross looks like any other, except the top part is a circular shape. This shape starts and ends at the intersection of the cross, forming what looks like a loop resting on top of a capital "T".

Some women may appreciate this union, because it represents an Egyptian symbol for life and fertility. Since faith is the source of an abundant life, the Egyptian influence can offer a newfound, deep understanding of being a Christian.

6. Greek Cross

The Greeks are another culture who have offered a twist on the traditional Christian cross. In fact, their cross was common in the early years of Christian faith.

Instead of being one long and one short line like many people recognize today, the Greek cross has an equal length all around.

However, what is unique here is the width. It is common to see each arm grow wider as it extends further away from the intersection.

Many Greek cross designs will be decorated in some way on the inside space. It can include a smaller cross at the intersection, or free-hand design to add texture and beauty to a pendant.

7. Canterbury Cross

If you like the idea of a Greek cross pendant, also consider a Canterbury cross.

This is a prime example of why research is important when shopping for jewelry. You may like a Greek pendant, but you could very well absolutely love a Canterbury cross.

This style takes an ancient Greek cross and adds a fun visual twist.

The arms are all equal in length and widen out, but as they grow wider, they seem to form a circle all the way around. The outer rims almost touch, making many people do a double-take to check for a circle or a cross.

A square is typically in the center to add character to the design as well.

This design stems from old Anglican churches. Anglicans are a sector of Christianity who parted ways with the traditional church following the Protestant Reformation.

For years, they were a primarily English people, although the religion has spread to other parts of the world today.

Pick Your Cross Pendant

As you can see, shopping for different cross pendants is more than looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Many of the various designs actually have deeper meanings. Understanding these differences can help you align what looks like something you'd wear with what represents something you believe.

Once you've narrowed down the kind of cross pendant you want, the rest is about choosing the most visually appealing! This part is easy because it will likely speak to you as you scroll through options.

Ready to find the perfect accessory to add to your collection?

Start shopping with us today.

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