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How a Stingray Wallet Makes You Stand out from the Crowd
Genuine Stingray Wallets
Genuine Stingray Wallets

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Published on October 18, 2017


How a Stingray Wallet Makes You Stand out from the Crowd

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that gothic and biker fashion are all the rage at the moment.

While this is undoubtedly an exciting time for those who have always loved darker looks, many followers of biker style know that this surge in popularity also makes it a bit more difficult to make themselves stand out.

For you, the biker, metal, and goth cultures aren't just a passing fad: they're a huge part of your lifestyle.

But with every other person on the street stealing the style you've had your whole life, how can you make it clear you're a true original?

One of the best ways to establish yourself as a trendsetter and not a trend follower is in your accessories.

In this post, we'll discuss that all-important staple of metal and biker fashion: the stingray wallet.

Why Buy Exotic Skin Wallets?

Before we offer you specific styling tips, let's quickly go over what makes the stingray wallet a staple in any rocker's closet.

First of all, with all of the crazy things you get up to in a single day, you need a wallet that's durable. Stingray skins can stand up to anything, from touring with your band to staying at your local watering hole till 4:00 in the morning.

Additionally, they're super easy to clean, and most come with a dust-resistant cover. Of course, it's much easier to keep your cards, cash, and coins organized with the multiple pockets and pouches stingray wallets contain.

Most importantly, a stingray wallet helps you to clearly identify with your tribe.

For example, someone that's really into Gothic Lolita fashion might connect with other followers of the subculture by carrying a frilly umbrella. Those that are into hiking might slap a bumper sticker of a mountain on their car.

Even in more professional situations, you can sneak a nod to the biker and goth cultures into your outfit by pulling out your wallet. There are options with scorpions, crosses, and more to point out to others what you're all about.

You can choose the color, accents, and finish that best connect with your personal style and interests. They also make great conversation starters, for when you're looking for something to say to the girl three seats down from you at a show.

How To Style Your Stingray Wallet

So, how can you use the rest of your outfit to highlight your wallet while also showing off your awesome personality?

Start by following the style tips below to create the perfect look.

Gucci -- The Punk Rock Way

Fashion's biggest rockstar is undoubtedly the Creative Director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele.

He is beloved for creating the bold prints, bright colors, animals, and iconic graphic tees that revived the flagging house of Gucci.

One way to incorporate Michele's famous devil-may-care attitude and love for crazy patterns into your own wardrobe?

By picking up this Tribal Rider Tattoo Wallet. The deep blues and the statement-making reds will certainly add some bold colors to your outfit. Plus, the wavy patterns and lines call to mind an antique rug, which helps to give you a unique, well-traveled look.

For best results, pair with some dark denim and black biker boots.

To pay homage to Michele's obsession with all things animals, pair it with this Diamond Lion Head Ring.

Don't forget to wear a sleeveless shirt, so that you can show off some of your own tattoos!

Back In Black

AC/DC that there's no better way to step onto any scene than by wearing black.

Another way to let people know that you've been in the scene for a long time? By leading by example when it comes to showing everyone else how to rock a classic all black ensemble.

Of course, there's one word that comes to mind right after we think of an all black outfit: leather.

Every good rocker outfit starts with a classic, black leather motorcycle jacket. Look for an option with lots of hardware, like snaps and attached belt buckles.

Then, layer a black tee underneath it, and go for some black pants and boots to top off your ensemble.

To complete the look, make sure you have this Black Cross Wallet, whose woven stitches make it even more durable.

If you're looking for a handy place to keep your spare change, pick up this Black Cross Coin Wallet to add to the mix.

Since you're wearing all black, you can rely on other accessories to give your look an eye-catching pop of color. We can't get enough of this blood red lion ring, that uses both silver and gold.

Our favorite part?

The subtle detailing on the side of the ring, which depicts a gargoyle door knocker with a ring through its nose. Not only does this ring look seriously cool, but it can serve as the perfect self-defense weapon if things get too out of control.

Where Can You Buy A High-Quality Stingray Wallet?

Now that you know how a stingray wallet can help you to set yourself apart from a crowd, you want to make sure that you're getting a true original.

You don't want to end up with fake skins or low-quality products that start to fray and tear only a few months after you've purchased them.

When you shop with us, you're buying from the ultimate authority in biker, metal, and goth fashion -- not some cheap imitation of the lifestyle you love.

Spend some time on our website to browse through our awesome section of stingray wallets, biker rings, and skull belt buckles.

Thanks to our products, you can put together a complete look that's all your own.

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