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How To Find The Ultimate Biker Jewelry
biker jewelry
biker jewelry

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July 01, 2017


How To Find The Ultimate Biker Jewelry

A true biker does not simply ride a bike; he or she lives and breaths the untamable biker lifestyle. When you are part of this crowd, it’s fun express your wild side through style.

As everyone has their own personal style, you can’t loop all people who bike into the same category. Some bikers prefer to look edgier, often wearing darker colors, leather, and metal, while other bikers may enjoy a lighter look. No matter what type of biker you consider yourself to be, here are some things to think about when you are looking for the perfect biker jewelry.

Are you a biker?

If you are reading this, chances are you already know the ultimate joy of cruising on a bike with your hair blowing in the wind. When you ride a motorcycle you feel free and in control of your life. You feel wicked and tough, knowing you can do something that so many others are afraid of.

There are so many different types of bikers, to simply say you are a “biker” is almost not enough. There are the hardcore veterans who have ridden just about every day of their adult lives. They grew up with their parents riding and feel that it is ingrained in their culture. Then there are the hobbyists who have taken up biking on the weekends and summers when they’ve felt they needed more excitement in life. Whether biking is your favorite mode of transportation or your life’s passion, expressing yourself through style is important.

Why biker style is important

It’s easy to get sucked into which name brand is the best, but in reality, it’s all about what speaks to you personally. When you try on biker attire and jewelry, play close attention to what makes you feel exhilarated. What jacket makes you feel ready to ride? What rings do you want on your fingers when you give other bikers the wave? Your attire should be a reflection of how you feel inside and jewelry is a great means for self-expression. Luckily there is an infinite number of options when it comes to biker jewelry so there is really something for everyone.

Different types of biker style

When people think of biker style there are many stereotypes that arise. People are quick to jump to skulls, leather, chains, and spikes. While these elements are a common and awesome part of biker fashion, there is also much more.

This eyeball skull ring is most definitely not your average skull ring. If you are looking for something intricate yet uniquely interesting, this would be a great piece to try out.

This sterling silver ring will surly surprise all of your friends as it is edgy yet well crafted. This ring brings something new to the table; a sense of humor through creativity. This piece takes the right person to wear it, someone who is unapologetically quirky and not afraid of a few curious stares. When you are wearing this high-quality eyeball skull ring you will be considered progressively cool by bikers and others alike. For more information on this ring visit this page:


This silver dragon head ring is truly something special. When you are wearing it, people will stop to look twice.

This dragon head is made from a thick sterling silver and features highly detailed line work which can be hard to find elsewhere. Not only is the attached shiva shell stone beautiful, but it’s also said to have healing properties capable of reducing negative energy. This piece is the perfect combination of majestic and fierce. You can’t go wrong with this first class ricker ring. Check out more details here: https://www.bikerringshop.com/Silver-Dragon-Head-Ring-p/3161.htm

This tribal cuban silver bracelet is for those of you who consider yourself a biker with class.

While half of this sterling silver bracelet is covered with detailed engravings resembling dragon wings, the other half is left simple and refined. This bracelet features the perfect mix of elements as its both chunky and sleek, intricate yet simple. For those of you who think less is more, read more about this stunning piece here: https://www.bikerringshop.com/Tribal-Cuban-Silver-Bracelet-p/3187.htm

When to purchase

Bikeringshop.com offers an enormous variety of jewelry for bikers with wicked taste. From rings and bracelets to necklaces and pendants which you can decide where to place. Whether your style is sleek and simple or edgy and gothic you will find something that inspires you here. When you feel you need something new or when you are looking for the perfect gift, check out Bikerringshop’s new arrivals here: https://www.bikerringshop.com/aboutus.asp

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