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Biker Chains, Necklaces and Bracelets
biker chain
biker chain

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July 04, 2017


Biker Chains, Necklaces and Bracelets

While true biker style is more about individuality than it is about adopting uniform, some aspects of the style adopted by many bikers do have a common theme, and one those is the use of heavy chains as items of jewelry.

Whether it’s worn as a biker bracelet or a biker necklace, a heavy chain does somehow seem to epitomize the biker lifestyle. It’s tough, it’s heavy, it can be dangerous, and of course, it is reminiscent both of a motorcycle drive chain and of the big, heavy chains that some bikers use to secure their bikes when they leave them unattended.

Using a heavy chain as an item of jewelry has become almost as much a part of the biker image as skulls and wings have and, even though there are many different types of bikers, things like chain bracelets, skull rings and winged emblems have become staples of the biker style, each and every biker can have their own take on biker fashion.

A lot of biker fashion items began as “do-it-yourself” accessories, such as using a motorcycle drive chain as a belt, or the trend with early bikers to wear military helmets rather than conventional crash helmets. Today, instead of doing it yourself, you can get some very high quality biker jewelry that is based on some of those early biker fashion trends.

Classic Examples of Biker Bracelets

Modern biker bracelets come in a huge range of different styles, but one of the most popular types is still the heavy chain style of bracelet such as Figaro chain bracelets and Cuban bracelets. Now that these biker style chains are readily available and made from high quality metals, like silver, these bracelets are not just worn by bikers, they are popular in mainstream fashion as well. Here are some great examples of biker style inspired bracelets that we have available at Bikerringshop.com.

Figaro Chain Bracelet

A Figaro chain is characterized by its flattened, elongated links, like the example pictured above. Out example Figaro chain bracelet is a polished, solid sterling silver biker bracelet that weighs 58 grams and has links that are 12mm wide.

This Figaro chain bracelet has all the qualities of a heavy duty chain bracelet that fits in with the biker style perfectly, but it’s refined enough to be worn anywhere and on any occasion.

The quality of this Figaro chain bracelet is exceptional. It’s not just silver plated; it’s made out of solid first class sterling silver, so it’s heavy, durable and it looks absolutely amazing.

Cuban Bracelet

A Cuban chain is slightly heavier and chunkier looking than a Figaro chain, and it’s another style of chain that is often used in biker jewelry, both for biker bracelets and for biker necklaces.

Our example Cuban bracelet above is a solid sterling silver Cuban bracelet that weighs 140 grams and has links that are 20mm wide and 7mm thick, so this one is quite a heavy biker bracelet.

As with the Figaro bracelet, this example of Cuban bracelet is made out of solid sterling silver it is finished with a high polish. It’s another great example of how you can take biker style, apply modern craftsmanship to it, and get a really high quality piece of biker jewelry.

Biker Necklaces

When you combine the classic biker chain with the classic biker emblem of the skull, you get the perfect recipe for a biker necklace, like the fabulous flaming skull sterling silver necklace pictured above.

This biker necklace has a wonderful large skull pendant and an interlocking skull chain, and it’s made out of top quality, solid sterling silver. It’s another great example of how modern techniques can be used to great effect to create a fine piece of silver jewelry with a biker style twist.

All the silver biker jewelry that will see at Bikerringshop.com is guaranteed to be solid sterling silver and to have been stamped with the 925 mark of authenticity. If it’s not, or you are simply not happy with any of our products, you can simply send it back to us and get a full refund on the price of the product.

Biker Style Is About Being Different and Being Proud

Biker bracelets and biker necklaces are just one of the ways that you can adopt the biker style and, whether you are a hard-core biker who rides every single day, come rain or shine, or you are a weekend biker who just enjoys the freedom of the road, biker jewelry is a great way to express your individuality and your love of bikes.

Biker Chains, Necklaces and Bracelets

At Bikerringshop.com, you will find all kinds of styles of biker jewelry, including skull rings, Cuban bracelets, Figaro chain bracelets, biker necklaces, and there is jewelry for both men and women here.

The one thing that all biker jewelry has in common is that is a statement of freedom, individuality and pride. It’s jewelry that will stand out in a crowd and it says that you are proud to be different.

What makes Bikerringshop.com so different from other biker ring stores, however, is the quality of our products. Each and every piece of jewelry that you will find at Bikerringshop.com is made out of top quality materials and is finished to the very highest of standards. We take great care to bring you only the very best quality biker jewelry and biker accessories. Our sterling silver biker bracelets, our biker necklaces, and all our biker products are second to none.

While other fashion trends come and go, biker style has been with us for decades, and it’s not something that is about to go away. Whether you own a motorcycle or not, there is an enduring and universal appeal to the free spirited lifestyle of the biker that fascinates most people.

Biker style overlaps with many other styles. You can see elements of it on rocker style, Goth style, punk style, and it is becoming increasingly popular in mainstream style as well. So, whatever your personal style is, check out our full range of biker rings, biker jewelry, wallets, necklaces and bracelets and choose to be different, choose to be proud!

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