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7 Great Ways Biker Bracelets Help You Express Yourself
Biker Bracelets
Biker Bracelets

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Published on October 30, 2017


7 Great Ways Biker Bracelets Help You Express Yourself

Did you know that Viking warriors wore jewelry? Most of the jewelry they wore were ornamental. Some are symbolic though like pieces that represent Thor's hammers.

Incan warriors also wore jewelry. Warriors from higher classes wore shin protections decorated with gold, while those from the lower classes decorated theirs with copper.

Now, you might be thinking what do warriors and jewelry have to do with bikers? Well, if you think about it, bikers are road warriors. And they too can use jewelry to express themselves better.

One of the best ways to do that is with biker bracelets. Here, we'll look at the 7 ways a biker bracelet can help tell others your story.

1. It's a Conversation Starter

Think of biker jewelry pieces you've seen lately. Perhaps, you've seen a particularly good one on a stranger. And maybe you've even asked him or her where he/she bought it.

That's the beauty of good biker jewelry. It's a great conversation starter. If someone compliments your biker bracelet (and people will, especially if you get awesome ones), you should tell them the story behind that piece of jewelry.

Maybe it has a special origin story. Or maybe you could talk about the struggles (if there are any) it took you to buy it. Whatever the story is, you can use it as a way to tell others something or everything about yourself.

2. It Shows Off Your Biker Fashion Smarts

Biker fashion has become more or less ubiquitous nowadays. You see it everywhere - on TV, movies, and even fashion magazines.

Of course, a true biker knows it takes more than putting on a leather biker jacket or a motorcycle vest. You have to know how to complete the look. And the right accessories help you accomplish that.

When shopping for biker bracelets, don't just go for generic pieces. Look for bold bracelets that as much as possible captures that sense of rebellion, as well as that exhilaration you feel every time you're out in the open road.

3. It Tells Your Current Mood

Biker bracelets and cuffs come in different shapes, sizes, and design. So you don't have to limit yourself to buying just one or two.

A dragon bracelet, for example, is a good choice if you're feeling powerful or mysterious. In Chinese culture, dragons symbolize potency and power, while in Europe, dragons are more associated with mystery.

You can also go for classic styles such as Figaro chain bracelets and Cuban bracelets. They're a popular choice, even in mainstream fashion. If you like versatile pieces with an almost universal appeal, go for these biker bracelets.

4. It Displays Your Wild Side

You don't need to don an animal costume to clue people in on your wild side. Try an animal-inspired biker bracelet instead. From anacondas to bear heads to bulldogs and dragons, there are plenty of "wild" bracelet designs you can wear if you're going for that bold biker look.

You may also be interested to know that serpentine designs have long been a popular jewelry motif. In ancient Egypt, snakes represented a lot of things. It could mean wisdom, royalty, passion, or desire.

In Native American culture, bears are considered a sacred animal. They symbolize not just physical power and courage but also leadership.

5. It Shows People What You Value

Some people don't just view jewelry as an accessory. They consider jewelry as an important part of who they are.

Maybe you've inherited your biker bracelet from your dad. Or maybe a special someone gave it to you for a special occasion.

If it holds a special meaning, it's not just a piece of jewelry. It holds sentimental value and wearing it will show others the things that are most important to you.

6. It Helps You Define Your Personal Biker Style

If you're just getting into biking and still in the process of finding your personal biker style, trying on different biker bracelets can help. Go for simple designs if you're not ready to commit just yet to a full-on biker look.

When it's time to be bold, go for attention-grabbing pieces. Don't forget to mix and match and try everything if you can. The important thing when choosing bike jewelry is to let your personality guide your fashion choices.

7. It Lets You Be Yourself

The whole point of fashion is self-expression. That's why just following trends isn't considered stylish. What you wear should reflect what's on the inside - your thoughts, emotions, interests, and values.

So don't be too concerned about making the right impression with older bikers or even just the people around you. Feel free to wear whatever type of biker jewelry you want.

Look at Johnny Depp. He wears leather cuff bracelets, skull rings, leather jackets, scarves... He doesn't care about what others think of his style, and you shouldn't too.

Some Tips on Buying Biker Bracelets

You don't have to buy an expensive biker bracelet just to nail the look. Look for a store that offers a variety of options at different price points.

You should also take your time when shopping for biker jewelry. Set a budget. You can find the perfect piece as long as you devote some time and effort into it.

Here's a tip. Skull jewelry usually go on sale during Halloween. Take advantage of this info when it's time to add to your collection.

Last but not the least, always check a store's return policy and shipping costs if you're buying online.

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You're not actually saving money that way. Make sure the pieces you buy are made from top-notch materials so you don't have to keep buying and replacing items that easily fall apart.

That said, let's help you find a bracelet worthy of your collection. Browse our site for a wide variety of biker bracelets today.

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